Attaboy for Obama and Lahood


I want to give an attaboy shout out to Ray Lahood and Obama.

Not really, but I thought the title was catchy. They traveled to Ohio today to kick off what the White House called “Summer of Recovery.”

The bad part of this “celebration” is that the workers of those jobs that Lahood and Obama are celebrating about today – were told to go home without pay – because of security issues.

I must say this is not how to “celebrate” jobs by sending the workers home – without pay. What about the 2000 D.O.T. workers who got furloughed not long ago – they were sent home without pay – but got paid unemployment benefits later? How about those construction workers – will they get paid for being sent home? What’s the difference?

Everybody knows why big O went to Ohio and 7 other times besides this trip – worried about re-election? 10,000 road projects under way to kick off a season of renewed American infrastructure. Aren’t most of those “American infrastructure road projects” in state parks? Just another way to waste money – we have to pay back. But, this is all about jobs, right? Jobs have been created – construction jobs which are basically temporary jobs. Then, what?

Funny thing is, I have a friend who works for a major construction company. The company builds the road bases before the rock and black-top is laid down. I just talked to him, and he is only working 3 to 4 days per week – and the weeks are hit and miss. I would tend to believe him over anyone in the government at least I know he has nothing to gain from telling me a lie.

How many workers did Obama and Lahood cause to not work today? Because I know for a fact there are other projects going on in the same area where you were celebrating at today and those workers were sent home undoubtedly without pay as well. BTW, Mr. Lahood why celebrate over 350 jobs? Ohio lost over 400,000 jobs last year, I believe you have a lot more work to do – before a celebration is in order.

From an online article on The Columbus Dispatch news site:

Asked about Obama taking time for the groundbreaking amid the oil spill and other domestic and foreign problems, LaHood said: “Everybody knows the president can multitask. The idea that we are celebrating the 10,000th project is great news.”

Wow, what an answer. Was big O multitasking while playing “Golf” when he should have been in the “Gulf” in the days leading up to his first Gulf visit?

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One Response to Attaboy for Obama and Lahood

  1. Chuck says:

    The only thing that obama’s plan has done is keep some people working. I have not heard that we are putting millions back to work yet and I thought thats what the billion dollars was for. As I have said it’s time to replace congress and senate, a long with the top job. No one in DC gets it, and it’s time they all go and we start FRESH. Just tried of same ole thing every 4 yrs IT”S TIME FOR REAL CHANGE!!!!


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