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**Attention** Boycott Virginia

Anywhere, US.  May 03, 2009 -

Well, Virginia still wants to close the rest areas and continue to harass tired truck drivers, by threatening tickets or jail time for parking. Let’s see how they like not getting any money for fuel, eating or anything in their state. Most trucks can make the drive through Virginia easy without fueling there. Now to get truckers Through the state without having to spend money to eat or drink or anything Virginia has to offer.

We, must make a stand when safety is jeopardized and tickets are being written and even threats of being took to jail for parking and trying to abide by the law. If, it were up to me Virginia and a few other select states could haul there own shit to their own state for being so unfriendly to truck drivers. Let’s send a strong message to these states.

All that needs to be done is some trip planning, your company will most likely even help you with this easy task. You should also, if you are a OTR driver have a cooler that you can store drinks and sandwich meat in. Buy, a loaf of bread (NOT in Virginia) and truck right on through the state. Fuel before you have to go into one of these states. It only takes a little trip planning and you could sail right on through no problems.

It’s time for truck drivers to step and gain some respect that we have let dwindle through the years of just letting these idiots do whatever they want us. We need to take a stand, and we need to do it now! I know some of you cannot do this because of where you are located or what you have to do in the state of Virginia. But, when possible you can do it and it still will have the same affect.

Try, and set up your loads to where you can drive through Virginia without stopping. This way they get nothing extra, to what we already give them. They want to play their little ticket writing games they play, enforcing laws that were asked to be taken off the books years ago, but somehow got stepped over and forgotten. We, can play our games as well hit them where it hurts in there own pockets.


  • DO NOT buy fuel in Virginia, if it can be helped
  • DO NOT stop and buy any food in Virginia.
  • DO NOT stop and buy any drinks in Virginia.
  • If you can do it plan your trip so you do not even have to stop in Virginia.

If you must stop in Virginia try to spend the least amount of money….

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8 Responses to Attention Boycott Virginia – Print Flyers

  1. Mark says:

    I have a printer in my cab. I think I'll run off a few copies of this page and post them on the BBS in VA Rest Stop, just to see how long they stay posted. Hmm?

    • Truckdrivernews says:

      That is what it is for…let me know how it works.. Thanks for the comment!

  2. Brian D. Hawkins says:

    I'll post in our drivers room on Tuesday. We're local but at least others will know what's going on.

  3. SilverSurfer_TX says:

    To help with this action…I've created a jpg file which can be printed off or used within e-mails. The flyer can be viewed at within our group (The American Driver.) The discussion thread is "Economic Boycott of Virginia." Just send me an e-mail asking for the jpg file and I'll reply an attachment back to ya.


  4. TruckerDesiree says:

    I'm so glad to see everyone participating however they can to bring this important safety topic to the forefront.

    Remember that the majority of drivers are not connected to the outside world because they are driving, don't have the internet or know how to use it or simply too tired after their shift to mess with it.

    The flyers can help because when you are at a truck stop any where you can share some news with a few people when you are doing your laundry, stopping for coffee whatever…

    Truckers care about safe highways.

    None of us want to go out on the road and hurt anyone or ourselves.
    Virginia has created a public safety disaster.

  5. Damian a_smart_union says:

    I like to post flyers 4 the Virginia boycott at lottery kiosks , & the trade magazine dispensers. They fit nicely in the trucker newspaper.

  6. SilverSurfer_TX says:

    JB has been taking this one to the truckers personally while purchasing his supplies in the neighboring states. He makes it an issue why he's purchasing supplies and fuel to anyone around him that'll listen. Last night he was in NC and he told me there's 3 more truckers standing up and speaking out. Not only are they now aware of this boycott…but will be talking to others to get the word out – as well as joining in this economic boycott action.

    This economic boycott will take hold…even if it has to be one trucker at a time. Eventually the snowball will turn into an avalanche.


  7. stevan says:

    Avoid Picking up and dropping off loads in Virginia whenever possible! Let them feel that!


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