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    Ban on Texting for Truckers why not everyone

    January 26, 2010 by Truckdrivernews · 3 Comments 

    Well, today started out with an unofficial announcement of a ban on on Texting for Truck Drivers and Bus Drivers. Why, just trucks and bus drivers? Truck drivers for the most part are the safest drivers out on the highway. Why not focus on more important things? I mean yea WHEN a truck has an accident it’s bad 90% of the time, somebody gets hurt or dies. But how many of those accidents have been proven its related to texting and driving?

    Sounds like an easy way to get revenue. Some states will take advantage of this too, you mark my words. The Twitter and Facebook Police will be joining the force shortly. I wonder if they will look at social media, the way they look at Qualcomm? Will you have to match “tweets to logs” now? This new law is not fair by any means. The only way it would be is to impose it on ALL DRIVERS!

    $2750.00 fine for texting? WOW! Tell me that is not a revenue scam. I just can’t see a cop pulling a truck driver over and writing a $2750.00 ticket for texting. Well, in some places yea I could see it happening. What’s next? If a cop sees you take your hands off the steering wheel, will you get a ticket? Texting and Driving is dangerous to do in my opinion, it would have to be very distracting.

    Cops text and talk on cell phones all the time, I have seen them do it I know everybody has at one time or another. Why are they allowed to do it? I guess now in order to send and receive text messages, truck drivers will have to pull onto the shoulder. Next we will have a bunch of accidents because of them having to pull back out onto the road, and going slow and someone in a four wheeler “texting” will hit them in the ass!

    Come on Anne S. Ferro get with the program on this.

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    3 Responses to “Ban on Texting for Truckers why not everyone”
    1. Kathy Hagle says:

      This is a no duh ruling, and is with the whole issue of “distracted driving” concerns me in some areas. I have seen people do stupid things, but since when can we place laws for stupid actions? If you look at the official web site you will notice they are planning other regulations this is just the beginning.
      I believe this will include talking on the cell phone even with a hands free device, eating or drinking plus anything else that the PC police deems distracted. As there is a slight mention that even talking to someone while driving is a distraction. I agree that you shouldn’t text while driving but does the government need as much control as they are starting to ask for and demand?
      And the easiest part of the population to start these regulations on is the truckers and bus drivers. As the government has more control due to motor carrier regulation already in place. Again another way to make truck drivers look bad, and the motoring public not seeing the whole picture behind these actions.

    2. TruckinPaul says:

      It is very dangerous to text and drive. However, 2k+ bucks is definately and attempt at revenue.

      Just the other day a cop swerved at me cause he was messing with his in car PC. WTF can i write him a 2k+ ticket? If that cop hit me would have it been my fault?

      • gloria says:

        Paul , know the frustration of watching state troopers do the very same things they are supposed to be ticketing drivers for . I am just about totally PO’d at PA state troopers for talking on cells while driving , cutting off trucks , cars you name it cause they were distracted by their cell . I see them speeding in the hammer lane , and you can tell they are speeding because if you accelerate to see if you can keep up with them you are generally exceeding the speed limit by 15 to 20 MPH . Is this the example law enforcement is setting for the public ? No wonder people do some of the dangerous things they do in a vehicle .


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