Carlile Transportation for a Fourth Season of Ice Road Truckers


carlileSeems the History Channel likes going to Alaska, and filming the drivers traveling up and down The Dalton Highway.

Carlile Transportation was a big hit, on season three of Ice Road Truckers, and looks like they will be back for the fourth season.

Lisa Kelly says if the production crew is interested, she’d be happy to have them ride along again.

Well, Lisa I’m sure your fan base will be looking forward to another season, on the “Ice Road Truckers”. You can keep up with Kelly, on her facebook fan page it’s pretty neat.

Kelly grew up in Kenai and has worked for Carlile for six years. She said a two-person crew intermittently rode along with her for three months. When the 13 episodes aired this summer, Kelly was surprised with how the show turned out.

“So that’s all the bad stuff that happened, they don’t show something good happening because that’s boring,” Kelly said.

“Ice Road Truckers” has created a star. Kelly receives plenty of fan mail from all over the country — and she takes the time to respond to every letter with an autographed picture.

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51 Responses to Carlile Transportation for a Fourth Season of Ice Road Truckers

  1. Joel Franklin says:

    How do I get started on the Ice Roads in Alaska?

    • Jason Cox says:

      Hey Joel thanks for the comment, here is a link to their application:

      • carlisle trucking sucks says:

        I’d live in a box under a bridge before i’d drive for this joke of a company, and I live for the day someone reaches over the desk and grabs that big head, big mouth wannabe safety director and beats him down. This guy thinks he’s god of the haul road.

      • bud812 says:

        Those bitch ass men in Alaska ran Dave off when he was winning,i hope all you guys up in Alaska are not tattle tale bitches like 2 guys on the show!

  2. Ron Tryon says:

    hi Jason i’am looking for a company to for on the ice roads, i’ve had A-Z for about 13 years i work construction laying asphalt and layed off for about 3.5 month, i bought a house last sept. and now looking to drive on the ice roads. i know it is hard work but i’m up for it. i know there is a day training for the roads. u can e-mail me back at i really hope to hear from u ty….

    • Jason Cox says:

      Ron thanks for the comment

      I don’t work for Carlile trucking, I am just a truck driver myself in the states who has a blog, and I blog about trucking news.

      But, here is a link to Carlile’s application

      Hope this helps..


  3. connie says:

    I will be so disappointed if it is filmed there again. Last season was sappy, and we won’t be watching it if is up at Carlisle again. We need Drew and Rick back, that is DRAMA.

    • Norm says:

      Drew and Rick are both idiots that can drive a car!!! They suck keep them off TV!!!

  4. Exemployee says:

    Your right Connie, I worked work Carlile several years and it was a joke. So is the Ice road trucker show. The show has nothing to offer because Carlile is loosing customers due to the show and how it’s treats their drivers. Stay clear of this one.

  5. Jack says:

    Ice road truckers 2009 was the WORST season ever! Common people… They put some doumb blond on the show for ratings ONLY. The 2009 season was so bad that I did not even watch half of the season and went to something else.

    The BEST season was season 1 and 2. I can almost guarantee that season 2010 will once again be a flop.

    Geeze.. 2009 was all George and his apprentice, how ya doin George, that season was a bunch of rednecks and wortless.

    Bring back the origional crews from season 1 and 2 and let em at each other. It brought excitement and was great. Watching Lisa and George and some doumb cannock talking was the worst.

    I give up.

    • Lair Lane says:

      Well you don”t have to worry about George, he’s retired. Lisa is a good person and a good driver, BUT the show still sucks! This will be the last year Ice Road truckers film with Carlile.
      The president of Carlile is stupid and thinks she’s the center of earth with all her little puppets running around for her while she sits on the thorn and pretends to know how to run a business.

      Oh and if she asks you to come over to her house, it’s just to brag on herself and show off. She also likes brag about how much money she stole from the employees.

      Not only has Carlile ruin the transportation industry in Alaska, they managed to ruin Hollywood as well.

    • Eric says:

      Hey Jack:

      When you call someone names, that says a lot about you. When you can’t even spell, that kinda caps it. Go back to your Playstation.

  6. William Reid says:

    Actually I’ve found this season more interesting than any of the previous. Maybe I just like Lisa. ??

    I do have one question that you truckers here might be able to answer. Ice Road Truckers consistently blurs part of the lettering on the sides of the large trailers used by Carlile Trucking? You can see the name of the company but not the smaller letters underneath the logo? Why do they do this? What are we not supposed to see?

    (A Canadian viewer)

    • William, thanks for the comment. I will try and answer your questions. A couple of reasons come to mind why they might blur out the names on the trailers – other than a Carlile Transport trailer.

      One reason is probably because either the company told the producer to not mention the name – or they couldn’t or didn’t get a hold of the company to ask permission to show the name – or the company didn’t want to sponsor the show.

      Another reason to blur out a name – could be for security reasons. In case the load was very valuable they would not want to “advertise” the name on the trailer.

      • William Reid says:

        Thanks but I guess I should have made my question clearer. The actual logo for Carlile is not blurred (Their name is both shown and mentioned prominently on every program). What is blurred is two or three lines of much smaller lettering broken into a series of groups on each line (xxxxx xxxxx xxxxx etc.) The groups may be under the big logo or off to one side depending on the trailer. Although I’m just guessing, it looks like a simple list of cities and towns Carlile serves. If that’s all it is I have to wonder why the producers have blurred the lettering? Does anyone really know what is written on the side of the Carlile trailers? What’s so secret?

        (This may seem like a minor point but it drives me crazy every time I watch an episode of this very entertaining series).

        • OK William I got it now. I just searched a Carlile Transport trailer on google images and under the Carlile logo is the company phone number and website URL…

        • txrider says:

          William…you didn’t really get an answer to your question, did you? This is a question I had also. The information that is blurred out are the names of the cities where Carlile has terminals. I understand product placement (e.g Craftsman or a brand name on a T-shirt or cap that hasn’t paid) but I am also curious about the blurring of information on the trailers that seems unimportant. I know the producers have a reason, just curious what it might be like you. Maybe if Carlile paid a higher placement fee their terminal info. would have been included. Just a guess.

          • William Reid says:

            The only reason I can think of for blurring the locations of their terminals might be for security purposes although I think that’s a little farfetched. I would think that that information is hardly secret.

            Thanks to all of you who responded to my question. Much appreciated.

    • Tv producer says:

      William, the blur covers the phone numbers and physical addresses of Carlile. Although an archaic reason, it is to protect the phone lines of the company. the history channel does not want to be blamed for jammed lines….

  7. Chip says:

    The 2009 season wasn’t really spectacular because it was closer to the real thing. I admit that Season 1 was the best, but as I was told, it was very far away from the real deal. People who have been up there say there is NO “Dash For The Cash”, people don’t drive for 26 hours non-stop and trucks don’t go through the ice every year. I’ve got my reasons to believe the REAL truckers who have been there and not a TV superproduction. I work in the business (media) and I know how a TV show is made.

  8. sandman says:

    i was asked by a friend to enquire into partisipating in the show because they were interested in having me on the show. i told them not to bother and i had no interest in being a part in their dramatic 3 ring circus fairytale. after i saw some of the crap they show on there and the things they want you to talk about i’m so glad i didn’t take part in it

  9. linda says:

    I really enjoy watching Ice Road Truckers. I do not know how much of this is ‘crap’ but I do respect the profession and the challenge these folks take on each season, if a little tv drama helps them through the season then god bless them.. safe driving all..

  10. Shellymel says:

    I love the show although some of it is retarded. Like, the stars of the show never go through the ice but yet they talk about it constantly. I don’t want anyone to be hurt, but they sure talk about the dangers even though we never see it.

  11. sandpaper says:

    Why do they require chains on the tractor but no drag chains on the trailers?? Inquiring minds want to know!!!!

    • SHAUN says:

      i personally think the reason for chains on the tractor and not the trailer is that its the tractor that has the drive wheels and is the puller as such once the tractor starts to get the traction on the road then makes sense that if its pulling then the trailer follows (unless the tyres and brakes have froze up on it lol) its the tractor after all thats doing the work

    • PipelineGuy says:

      Chains are on drive tires for traction. Example if you were walking on ice you would put ice cleats on the bottom of your boots for traction. Drive tires are the power house of the unit. Steer tires are just that they steer you. Trailer tires do not need chains

      • Todd Goodness says:

        On the theory of ‘trailer’s don’t need chain’s”,that has got to be one the most ignorant statement’s ever spoken. Loaded and empty trailer’s will ALWAY’S track better with than without chain’s. Spoken by someone who has never had a wagon drag them off the road.Twit.

  12. Wilson says:

    What happened to the Beaver Slide? Last year they mentioned it nearly weekly and this year I haven’t heard it mentioned? Also, why did Alex and Hugh need someone to do a ride along to get them cleared to drive on their own but the designated rookie this year did not appear to do the same?

  13. Lair Lane says:

    Hey i got a question?? If Carlile is such a great company, why did Ray V. leave the company? Why did his Son also quit? Why did Greg Bodwin Quit? Why are so many people quitting Carlile?? I know, because I worked there several years. THE COMPANY SUCKS…THEY RIP OFF EVERYONE AND THEY’RE BROKE! THEY ASKED ABOUT 20 EMPLOYEES TO BUY STOCK AT 24,000 FOR EACH SHARE BECAUSE THEY ARE BROKE. THEY DON’T GIVE RAISES AND PROMISE YOU THE WORLD. Don’t get awe struck by the show do your research before you move to Alaska because people like Lane K. will lie to you all the time. Not to mention Tom Hendricks the lier of the North, don’t believe me, just call them and listen to there lies!

  14. ROBERT says:

    Love Ice Road Truckers. Great show for kids but could the drivers ease up a bit on the cursing.

  15. chuck says:

    I myself like the show I’m a heavy equipment operator and these guys won’t go no were if guys like me didn’t clear the snow,now the worst on that show is HUGH hate this guy he take a job away from his ma if he had to and would never help a fellow worker,they call him bear I call him the big fat red pig with a big mouth on the radio, when he’s at the office and in trouble watch in his answer big mout only in his truck,I like to see them taken off the show.

  16. Larry says:

    I was watching one of the seasons series that showed Hugh hauling some heaters. He was asked about the load, as to if he checked the load along the way. Now I know you have a chance to look back on the film and see what really happened but the thing that bothers me the most was his comment that it wasn’t his problem how the load was tied down. Well as a CDL driver myself, the responsibility and safety of the load ultimately lies on the driver. It doesn’t matter who loads the trailer, before a driver takes a load it is his responsibility to make sure the load is secure and if any changes need to be made. If that was my material I would demand payment for any repairs needed. I also lost a lot of respect for Hugh as a driver.

  17. Chain-Breaker says:

    I noticed that too. As a flatbedder myself it ticked me off that Hugh would be so irresponsible with a load. You could see the chains bouncing up and down. He didn’t do it right at all, and it gives those of us who do it right everytime a bad name. I know certain loads settle, so I check my straps and chains often. I think it was the same show that Lisa had a bear cage that gave her fits, she did it right, it did cost her time, but she kept a close eye on her load. Hugh is the type of driver that the DOT is trying to get out of the business because of his carelessness.
    Anyway, I love the show, and maybe one day I will get a shot at the ice roads.

  18. PipelineGuy says:

    As an Alaskan and pipeline worker, I think this show is stupid and i consider it trailer park entertainment.

    Other blogs claim this show is the best idea ever,

    Every redneck truck driver in the south thinks they are going to run the haul road, just like every hillbilly thinks he is going to get his chance in Nascar.

    No disrespect to true hard working truckers or Nascar fans, just my opinion.

    I hate CTS and wish they lost all their contracts and go belly up, they are hurting the indepandant truck drivers in Alaska

    • Lair Lane says:

      You may get your wish….Carlile is for sale and has been for a while, they’re broke. ASRC has made a bid for Carlile and working out the details. Keep your eye pealed.

      • simon says:

        well its the same everywhere. Here in the uk some blue chip companys are ok and the transport managers but a whole lot are crap like 1 in dryslwyn west wales.dont worrey about perks as long as you get a decent pay packet. lots of uk truckers loseing there jobs thanks to the banks crash so yeh we are looking at other places to go . on irt one guy said go back to canada well look out cos the brits are on route and we also dont care what some small mineded people say when the cash is in are back pocket

  19. Stubby T Slapnutt says:

    This show appeals to people, because it is really different from their daily life. I live on the Gulf Coast, and we rarely see snow. Attempting to drive the Ice Road looks like an interesting challenge. I think many Drivers want an adventure, a chance to do something that sets them apart from other Drivers. From some of the comments on this blog it appears that Carlile is like 99% of all trucking companies.
    People rarely seem to shout out when things are going well, but if something goes wrong watch out. Try to say something positive to another Driver. I think most Drivers want to be helpful, if given an encouraging word.

    Keep the Shiny side up, and the Greasy side down.

  20. Michael_1028 says:

    I like Lisa! Hope her and Hugh both stay on the show. It has been in Carlile for 2 seasons so I think it needs a change. Anyone have any ideas where next season will be? Filming should start in the next month or so…

  21. Chain-Breaker says:

    All I have to say about trucking companies today is that they are what they are. I’ve been driving since 97 and they are all the same. I do my job, better than most and every now and then I get rewarded for it. But, its my job to drive the truck and take care of the load.sometimes that means I miss my hometime, sometimes that means I get the shaft, but I agreed to do a certain job for a certain amount and I take the bad with the good. I can complain about the job if I want, but the fact is, I am the one who chose this career and the company I work for. For the most part i get treated damn good. Maybe once a month I get the shaft, but that ain’t too bad for this industry or any industry for that fact.

  22. Peter says:

    Hi guys I’m a truck driver in England and I cannot understand the permitted driving hours, here in the uk and Europe we all have to run on the same laws which are drive for a max of 4 1/2 hours then a 45 minute rest period then a noter driving period of 4 1/2 hours that gives a total of 9 hours driving per day although we are allowed to drive for a max of 10 per day twice a week

  23. R. Hamblin says:

    I have been a fan of IRT until recently. I no longer will watch your show because of the stupid bad language requiring a bleep every few seconds. I also find it repulsive that you have a driver with a disgusting mohawk haircut. Your show has gone to pot! Lisa is the only person that has any class on the show. Goodbye!

  24. Gary Wright says:

    HAHAHA,,, 15 years u r a pup,,,, no real truckers here, at least on the road where i am, and i am a HAZ-MAT TRAINER

  25. mark w says:

    You all suck Lisa is thr best driver you have on and off the show. Carllile is mlicky for deiver like her your training staff sucks. hope IRT can find new company to do show with

    • Charles Jones says:

      Carlisle Trucking seems like it would be a crappy company to work for. It seems that that want butt lickers for employees and their trainers are a couple of pri—ks.

      • Charles Jones says:

        Carlisle Trucking seems like it would be a crappy company to work for. It seems that they want butt lickers for employees and their trainers are a couple of pri—ks.

  26. steven says:

    i been drivin for 13 yrs u cancall me a pup or whatever but crap happens i dnt care if u been driving 4 100 years u aint no better then the next driver and as 4 ice road truckers i love the show but there trainers r retards i nt out there 2 make friends like dave says im here 2 support my family. and as 4 running with someone else he better keepup or bye bye. miles mean money.

  27. Charles Jones says:

    I do not think that it was fair to fire Dave. There are some people who do not butt kiss nor play workplace politics. Dave was in the lead of trips completed.
    Maybe his attitude could have been improved, but who do you hire, those who can do the job or those who are good at brown-nosing the top brass and those who like to play boss.
    I believe that the 2 men who were in charge of the trainees had it in for Dave from the beginning.
    Dave made a few mistakes, but name one person on IRT that has not had some sort of mishap.
    I hope Dave sues for unlawful discharge.

  28. ED says:

    IRT is just entertainment for people who know nothing about trucks or the trucking industry. For those of us who have been driving for 20 plus years have seen and know how much crap on the show has been staged.

    If Lisa would have truly lost her tires driving down the road you and I both know there would have been broken, bent and missing studs and when the inner wheel would have came off, the axel would have dropped and took off the oil hud cover when it hit the inner part of the rim. If you take a good look at trailer axel when there standing there looking at it every stud is perfect and the aluminum hub that can brake just by using it as a step for getting on the trailer witch you shoud not do anyway would brake even easier in the cold was perfect. This is just one of the many things they created for drama and they got it wrong because they did not take the time to find a person with the years of experience and knowledge that you can only get by doing the job.

    As for as Rick there is noway the he would be able to keep a job much less his driver license with the way he acts and drives. He would be nowhere without Hugh. Rick is a little punk puppy that does nothing but follow Hugh around like a little xxxxx in heat. I would love to see him bring that attitude down to the steel mills in East Chicago and Gary, In.

    Hugh is not much better, the sad part he is old enough to know better. Shame on you Hugh, you are making a bad reputation for the rest of us truck drivers that take pride in our job who are family men and women trying to make a living. He could not even seat a tire to the rim on the first try because he did not know that when you lite the starting fluid the air hose should already be on the valve stem sending air into the tire so when it explodes out the air going in would keep it pushed to the rim and as you continue to air it up the tire would finish seating and air up. Something else they did just for drama. I and everyone I know who does there own tires uses this method, its not that hard even if the tire is still on the truck. I haven changed a tire off and on the rim without taking it off the truck. Quit thinking these guys are something special, truckers do this stuff everyday, and most owner operaters can do all there own work and rebuilds.

    Lisa and Alex are about the only ones worth watching.

    And as far as the drivers who would want to try to go do the job take my word on this, it is not that hard. What they are driving on is nowhere near as slick as what we hit in the nortern states. Black ice and ice built up in dually grooves is slicker then what there driving on. I driven on it, it is ice but it is ruff and chewed up. There is enough traction to keep control, you just slow down for turns and don’t put your self in a spot where you need to lockup the brakes. The hardest part of driving the ice roads in Canada is doing 10 to 15 miles mph for hours on end when your on the lakes and rivers, I know people that have done it.

    My fathers friend drove the Dalton hwy for years, the hardest part of driving that road is driving with other drivers that should not be drive a car muchless a truck.

    I could go on and on but I think you have gotten the point. I wish they would have interviewed real drivers before they started filming even at the very least to get the real facts to make all the staged drama correct. Just goes to show you that not even Hugh or Rick know what there doing because they should have known what was not stage properly.

    People please do not think this show represents the hard working men and women of the transportation industry who truly know what there doing, and do not forget the sacrafice that they make (being away from there families) to keep this country running.

  29. theo van zanten says:


    In the Netherlands i follow the expereienmce of the Ice=road truckers.
    I love the program.we cann see thanks to History channel.
    Every time again i am searching when there is a new serie starting.

    Go on good luck for the Drivers.

    ps. Kelly burn them out.
    Alex trick Hugh


    Theo van Zanten
    Beethovenstraat 6
    6661 CG Elst
    Netherlands europe

  30. steve says:

    all of you people give truck drivers a bad name,go back to school and learn how to spell,speak and write.

  31. lance says:

    i am a lowbed operator in north western alberta canada and would like to see how long any of the clown”s on ice joke smuckers would last in this area and haul what we do and the terrain we do it in its to bad that its come to this putting it on tv and making it look like its such a big deal here we haul big loads in the foot hills of the rockys and its nasty at times but fun 60 and 70 ton gross loads and good driver last and clowns crash or get run off


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