Carlile Transportation truckers featured on History channel’s “Ice Road Truckers”


The History Channel’s season premiere of “Ice Road Truckers” on May 31 featured the Alaska truckers of Carlile Transportation Systems. The 2009 season focuses on the challenges faced on the Haul Road and the ice roads of the North Slope of Alaska.

The season opens by challenging the industry to deliver 6,000 loads of freight to the oil camps of Alaska’s North Slope in just 12 weeks. Tackling the 500-plus mile stretch from Fairbanks, AK to the remote outpost of Deadhorse, AK included unexpected weather, virtual whiteouts and treacherous terrain like the truckers have never seen before.

The Alaska chapter of Ice Road Truckers strongly emphasizes the importance of safety preparedness. Safety in the workplace is absolutely a priority and drives operation decisions at the core of our company.
Founded in 1980 by brothers John and Harry McDonald, Carlile is one of Alaska’s largest trucking companies. Carlile Transportation Systems is based in Anchorage, AK and has 675 employees. Carlile terminals serve Alaska from Anchorage, Fairbanks, Kenai, Kodiak, Prudhoe Bay/Deadhorse, Seward, Forest Lake MN, Tacoma and Fife WA, Houston TX and Edmonton Alberta.


For those of you interested in a job, and think you have what it takes here is Carlile Transportation’s Requirements and Application with a contact email address.

This link will take you to a PDF in which you need to download and then print off the application, fill it out and I assume you fax it to them plus EMAIL them a copy of your resume..


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43 Responses to Carlile Transportation truckers featured on History channel’s “Ice Road Truckers”

  1. Jake Smith says:

    I’m a truck driver from Mississippi who is interested in trying the ice road trucking. What do you have to do to qualify?

    • Chuck says:

      For more information about positions currently available, please contact Karl Hoenack, V.P. Human Resources, by email or by phone at 907-276-7797.

    • PaulCox says:

      There is now a link to the requirements and an application for a driving position for Carlile Transportation.

  2. Marie Downs says:

    I would like to commend one of your drivers,Lisa Kelly. She is a delight! It is so refreshing to see & listen to her and not being constantly beeped ( I am sure you know who I mean). My husband and I watch faithfully. She is definitely the modern woman. Keep it up Lisa!!!!

  3. IDavid Garcia says:

    I agree with the above statement about Lisa Kelly 100%. However the main reason I’m replying is because I watch Ice Road Truck Drivers all the time, and would like all info on becoming an ice truck driver. I would like an application form and possible dates of when you’ll be interviewing for the open jobs available.
    Please, don’t say no now. Say maybe or an applicatin is in the mail.
    My address is: David Garcia
    P.O. Box 525
    Outlook, WA 98938

    Phone: 509-391-9697 or 509-380-1234


    Thank you


    David Garcia

  4. Susan Frost says:

    Lisa Kelly is awesome! If I had it to do all over again I would do something exciting and gutsy like ice road trucking. You go, girl!

  5. Jusin Schwan says:

    I think Tim and George are awesome.. Im also trying to find out what truck Tim drives..

  6. muhamed says:

    how i wish i cud be given the opportunity to do the ice road truck driving, i am from south africa and looking for some time now to get in touch with the guys who deal or drove in this field on ice.
    anyone ?

    cheers to all.

    lisa should check again,,i think she has b**LS of steel ,,she aint woman,,naahh,,she man she man definetly. lol jokes. well done lisa kelly you prove that inner strength takes u all the way. id drive with u anytime mam.

  7. Alex Posada says:

    i love the show specially this season that Lisa Kelly is on i admire your skills keep it up, i am also a truck driver, please send me an application would love to some day drive in the ice for Carlile, please send me all the info you can. My address is PO Box 2547 East Hampton, NY 11937 or my street address is 15 fordham rd Sag Harbor, NY 11963. thanks

  8. byron plug says:

    I love this show and was hoping to get some more stats and info on the safety incidents and also some contact info for the trucking companies, as I am developing a safety device to reduce head on collisions between these rigs, reducing incident costs and most important lives yours trully Byron

  9. James says:

    I think all the drivers great including the dude who left Alex on the road when Alex couldnt do his tire chains right. I am interesting driving with you guys
    I am Truck drivers with 5 years experience and no Accident.

    Thank You

  10. john wilson says:

    i work in the west fields of chicago. far west burbs.heavy hauler, flatbed, mechanic, tanker. not afraid of the cold. heavy duty recovery exp. crane. looking for good steady winter work. dot certified. clean cdl. im @ jw [email protected],com thank you. john wilson

  11. davr jordan says:

    okay,it’s time to do your homework.if you are looking for an application for carlile,all you have to do is go to and pop up carlile.they have an app thing at the bottom of the page.pop it up and fill it out.i filled one out today.i just wonder how many people will fill out an app since the show aired.their office is probably full of applications.i saw the same thing happen when a magazine did an article on “upstaging” out of chicago.the next year they had so many apps they didn’t know what to do with all of them.and i wonder how many people will stay on there when they find out they won’t be on the show?lol

  12. carl l schmitt says:

    This my second request,no answer from the first one.My grandsons adam 8 yrs old ryan 9 yrs old watch Ice Road Truckers all the time.They would like to have a panel or magnetic sign of Carlile trucking.I would pay for it also the shipping.Someone let me know

    • PaulCox says:

      Carl, thanks for the comment. I would guess that Carlile doesn’t use magnetic signs on there trucks. I have a suggestion for you though. The kids are 8 and 9 yrs old…they wouldn’t know the difference, if you just went to a vinyl sign maker and had a couple of signs made up with whatever you wanted on them.
      You could check with a local race shop, or somewhere that does professional lettering…I kinda doubt if you would be able to obtain an original piece from Carlile Trucking…unless of course maybe somebody from the trucking company reads this request…but I still say it is doubtful.

  13. Ricardo antonio Manrique r. says:

    Ricardo Manrique de Panamà megustaria ser parte de carlile transportation , tengo experiencia en camiones y me pueden contactara

  14. Steve Beckett says:

    loved the new series and watched the old one, that Dalton Road looks amazing but hard work.
    Just one question…………..why do all the drivers seem to have a problem changing gear ? its not hard and your only running 4 over 4 with split shits its not difficult, or is it because your gearboxes are terrible ?
    Watch the footage they seem to be trying to stir porridge waving the gearstick around, if you Yanks n Cannucks cant cope with 4 over 4 how would you cope with Eaton twin splits or Fuller 16′s
    Would still love a crack at it though !!!!!


    • Jason Cox says:

      Thanks Steve B for the comment. I’m just guessing here, but I would think it might have to do with it being so cold, that the grease in the transmissions are so stiff that it might be hard to hit a gear.

      It gets no where near as cold here where I live, but on a cold winters day it does make it tough to hit a gear sometimes.

    • Robert Thomas says:

      Super 10′s are a pain in the a**, and drivers are not used to taking three or four gears at a time.

  15. Lethal says:

    Love the show! Come from a truck driving family (dad, brother, boyfriend and tons of friends over the years) and I gotta say.. these guys (and gal..wtg Lisa!!) are the best out there! I commend their guts and stamina.. job well done!! Stay safe and the rubber on the… ICE??!! :)

  16. Erick LeFevre says:

    it is a very interesting show but the voice over guy drives me nuts and most of the footage is sped up and makes it look like they are all driving like jerks even when they’re going six miles an hour in a total blizzard. oh well i guess it makes good television.

  17. Ged says:

    Uk and Spain hauler is looking for a change, if anyone has a copy of an application form for ice road trucking can they forward it on to me please,
    thanx guys

  18. Dave says:

    I’m a truck driver of 10 years of experience. Watching your show I would love to ride with Lisa Kelly round trip. I’m not sure if I could do that kind of driving but would love to have the experience. Is it possible to do so? What would I have to do to take that ride?

  19. Cyndi says:

    Lisa, I really do envy you!! I have been a Truck Driver for about 15yrs now. I know all about what your thinking half the time. when somthing has gone wrong with your Truck or Haulin up a Heavy and unstable laod. its very easy for people to watch on TV. But put your ass in the Driver Seat, and its a whole new story. I would like really to try Ice Trucking. But i wont to be totaly sure, before i would even try. That would reallly not look good, it i could not finish, on TV or Not. Its gotta be hard in the first place, then they go and stick a camera in your face. well Im really excited to whatch this seasons. and you have a relaxing summer with your critters. C ya. Cyndi

  20. Amy says:

    My 7 year old son had an idea while wathing ice road truckers. He though5t it would be much safer if the trucks were equiped with Automatic Chains like his School Bus.They are always ready and fling under the tire when needed. We get alot of snow and ice here in Northern Idaho and I always feel safer putting him on the bus with the automatic chains.

    • Robert Thomas says:

      Automatic chains don’t work in those conditions I have witnessed spinning out with 3 railers over three railers. What they aren’t showing is in some cases if you think you are smart, and get lazy and don’t chain right, when you spin out you slide backwards until something stops you. (most generally a bank or cliff) Auto chains and cables are junk in Alaska

  21. jay says:

    do u have to have a license to drive on the ice

    • Jay thanks for the comment – here is a link to the application – which also has the requirements for the job.

  22. Jeannette says:

    We love watching the show but would be concerned as owners of a company to have Hugh to be a driver for a company as well known as Carlile. He would pass his mother up if she was in the ditch bleeding to death for the all mighty run count and laugh his ass off and wave while doing it. He has NO consideration for the equipment he hauls, he doesn’t check it, that is up to the company and would take up too much time for him to get off his fat butt to check and besides it’s easier to blame everyone else. I personally would take it out of his pay check. He constantly is racing and passing people the company needs to check his mph, it is computerised. He’s nothing but a loser. Alex makes him look like a something scrap off your shoe. Alex is a true person and is there for people, will pull over and help people, he doesn’t care about the load count he cares about life. It’s know wonder the company only gives Hugh pipe he can’t screw that up too much. Maybe. Love the show but Hugh has to go. Let’s see him laugh then. Go Alex and Lisa. Thanks just had to tell you how we feel. Jeannette and Leo

    • ron says:

      You hit the nail right on the head,hugh has a big ego, I hauled freight in the USA for many years and found the American people are great, I also have relatives that live in the USA, my point is, Hugh certainly does not represent Canadian truck drivers, the drivers are more like Alex, I would say Alex is an all around better driver and kinder person than the big mouth Hugh. Do you think they should charge Hugh with that load he damaged, I do, he should have had that load reloaded before he left, he’s always in a rush to piss off other drivers, then he uses his excuse, they don’t like me because I’m a Canadian. Personally I’ve never had problems with any American drivers nor has any of my Canadian driver friends. I always liked running in the United States, they have way better highways than we do. Anyway, have a great day.

  23. van de velde says:

    I am 65 is it possible to do a trip by truck,just as a touris
    (i live in belgium)

  24. Ron says:

    Hi, I love watching your show,I’m a truck driver with a lot of experience in the mountains and truckers know,ice is ice up or down a hill.What really got me was your last show when that idiot Huge edged Ray on to pass him on icy hill, all in all it was still Ray’s fault for fooling around.Someone should tell him that’s how innocent drivers get killed. For Huge, well he should slow down a bit as that damaged load he took he knew that load should have been fixed before it left the yard, Carlile should make him pay for the damages.He’s got no respect for people or property, Alex is a Canadian driver and should be proud.If I had a trucking company I would hire Alex in a minute, and for Huge, I wouldn’t even let him wash a truck. Carlile trucking, do your company a favor, get rid of Huge before someone get’s hurt.P/S Huge, people out there don’t like you and it’s not because you’re a Canadian it’s because you’re a big mouth with no brains and you are no super trucker, believe me

  25. Alexandar Stojanovic says:

    Hi guys Im from Serbia ex.Yugoslavia Europe,I do watch Ice road all the time and i do admire drivers,im 31y.old and I drive trucks last 10years,i have licence 13years.Do you have program for someone like me from abroad with diferent standard,never had an accident,and i have experience on the ice.Last 3yars i live in Malta,europe also.But i would realy like to move from here.Please let me know,God luck to all drivers on the road.Thank you in advance.

  26. michael bennett says:


  27. bob crighton says:

    67 class A CDL live in ALASKA looking for a job. please send allplcation to the E mail above, thanks you Bob

  28. Robert Thomas says:

    I drove the Dalton for 4 years in the 80′s. There is something rather confusing to me, and that is the so called “seasons”. We ran that road 365 days a year. Beyond Prudoe was some ice roads to some drill rigs and camps, but the road to the north slope didn’t close except for a temp. weather condition, and drivers didn’t go home and come back next season. What’s the deal? It must just be BS for TV, but is really misinforming to the listeners. The rock and dust and dirt in the summer was just as challenging as the snow, if not more so, and much harder on equipment.

  29. riearle says:

    Where and how can I purchase a Carlisle Transportation hat? Thank You

  30. Bobby Helms says:

    Does anyone know of any companies that hire seasonal truckers. I am looking for a driving job during the ice season. I have 24 years experience .



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