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Kentucky District 10 employee saves motorist’s life

Kentucky Department of Highways Magoffin County employee is credited for saving the life of a motorist who had been involved in an accident that left a pickup truck upside down in a creek.
The accident happened Saturday night while crews were preparing to salt and plow roads and remove trees after this weekend’s winter storm, heard the [...]

GOAL – Do you do it?

This is a term, I think I will never forget. It’s even a good thing to do if you are driving any vehicle.
GOAL – or Get Out And Look, is a term used in the trucking industry.
If you look closely at a tractor and trailers mirrors, especially the drivers side one.
I bet [...]

Winter time – Is that load that important?

Since winter is falling upon us, I thought I would bring this question up.
Is that load you are pulling that important, if you run into adverse conditions? Obviously company’s will tell you to keep rolling, and get that load to the receiver.
But, who makes the call? The call I am referring to is the one, is the [...]

US needs to compile a video like this for teen drivers about texting

Warning! this video should be R rated, it is pretty graphic! Not suitable for younger viewers..
I saw this video on Twitter last night, and man is it an eye opener. I wished the US would come up with a video like this, to show our new drivers what could and will most likely happen to you if you drive and [...]