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Clarity on Truck Drivers News and OOIDA

I want to set a few “nitwits, Knuckleheads” out here straight. I am the OWNER of this website. I pick and choose my ADS on this website (except) for Google, they have a mind of their own. My affiliation with OOIDA is ONLY as a member. I placed their “Quit Bitchin -n- Join OOIDA” logo/bumper sticker on [...]

You will never get a comment posted

I am sorry to have to post this here for everyone else to read, but I figured what the hell. I have been having one commenter (spammer) who constantly tries to post comments on this blog, that are nothing more than spam. I have banned him, and he just uses a proxy ip and gets around it. [...]

Twitter and Trucking and Fighting

My friend Brandon owner of turned me on to Twitter several months ago. He is always looking for ways to promote sites on the internet. I had owned a website that Brandon helped me on that was trucker related, also my blog which you are reading now that we moved from that I had, had for [...]

Computer Crashed yesterday

Sorry people, but my computer decided to take a dump yesterday without any warning. So I got to play Doctor last night, and redo a complete install. I got it done about 5:00 Am this morning..anyway if any of you sent emails before about 15 minutes ago…I didn’t get them and have no way to retrieve [...]

I give up, I quit, not worth the bother

Well, some people will probably like hearing me say this. So it is official, I QUIT! and will NEVER appear on Twitter again! So if you want to remove @Truckdrivernews, @Newsfortruckers, and @FlatBrokeTruckn, they are all one and the same, they do not exist anymore. Oh, and by the way, I will not be like TJ Graff, and [...]

@FlatBrokeTruckn is now @Truckdrivernews again..

I know, I know I am truly sorry for the mix-up. But, my account got deleted, and it took several days for me to get it back. I promise (insert smirk here) to not have to post this again. © 2009, – Trucking Industry News, Reviews. All rights reserved.

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