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Is Jasons Law being taken advantage of?

I believe the truth is coming out, that Truckerdesiree is in this for the fame and glory. For the past few weeks, all she has been talking about is how she has had all these interviews and magazine articles written about her.
Now she is signing autographs?
It’s really sad to use a tragedy to TRY [...]

I support Jason’s Law BUT…

I don’t support sending this family to a Truck Show in Dallas, or any other truck show for that matter. First of all, before the lynch mob shows up saying “but, but , but, you supported it before!” Yes, in fact, I was one who suggested the idea in the beginning. But then I got to noticing that [...]

Twitter Trucker Topics has had it’s Premier Blog Talk Radio show

A new Blog Talk Radio show made an appearance yesterday 07/05/09 Twitter Truckers and Topics. I am the host of this show, along side my Co-host, @TruckerDesiree from twitter. We, did our first show, and I thought we were in for total disaster, with 56 minutes left in the show. I had almost ran out of things to [...]

Updates from the Rivenburg family (Jason’s Law)

On June 27th we traveled to Lake George, New York to take part in the Convoy for the Kids. Many people stopped by and signed our petition. As in New Jersey, some of the people were not aware of what Jason’s Law is. Most of them gave us the opportunity to explain what it was and [...]

Calling one calling all Truck Drivers family and friends

On Thursday March 5, 2009, Jason Rivenburg pulled his truck into a gas station that has been used frequently and considered to be some what safe. Jason was only twelve miles from his destination but could not make delivery because it was too early. His delivery never took place. Jason was shot and killed as he [...]

Family mourns truck driver slain while making delivery

It started as a routine late-night delivery to a small-town auto parts store in Arizona, a stop that Morteza Tajik had made numerous times during his 12 years as a San Diego-based truck driver for Napa Auto Parts.
The trip ended in bloodshed early on June 4, when the 55-year-old grandfather was beaten and stabbed in front of the [...]

Benefit held for trucker’s family

STAMFORD _ About 300 people raised $4,000 at a fundraiser Saturday to benefit the family of slain Schoharie County trucker Jason Rivenburg.
The benefit was held at John’s Tavern in Stamford.
Rivenburg,ಣ, of Fultonham, was murdered in March at an abandoned South Carolina gas station while waiting to deliver a load of milk the following morning.
“This was a [...]

Brotherhood of Truck Drivers

The last few days, I have seen these words pop up in several places all over the web. What do they mean?
1. Answer: Brotherhood – the whole body of persons engaged in a business or profession.
2. Answer: Truck – to exchange commodities
3. Answer: Drivers – one that drives
This is what I found for the answer. I do not [...]

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