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Cap and trade will slow economy, raise prices

As Congress continues to pile up debt spending our money at a dizzying pace, another hugely expensive, damaging proposition is hanging over our head.
A “climate change bill” has already passed the House and now awaits debate in the Senate. It would drastically increase America’s energy bill. If the president’s and Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s “cap and trade” [...]

Obama’s pick of industry lobbyist draws fire

President Barack Obama’s nomination of a trucking industry lobbyist to head the agency that regulates the industry drew fire Wednesday from senators and safety advocates.
Anne Ferro, the president and CEO of the Maryland Motor Truck Association for the past six years, was named to head the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, a troubled agency that has been widely criticized [...]

Local and State Government spending – out of control

What is up with the local governments spending these days? This country is in trouble money and job wise. Why is the local governments still spending like crazy? Maybe, I see things differently than most. But why does our local government need to buy a “top of the line” Ford Explorer vehicle for a “building inspector”?
© [...]

Taxing Cows! The Insane EPA

By Alan Caruba
Just how crazed is the Environmental Protection Agency? When I say “crazed”, I mean just how far out of touch with reality, with science, with the economy, with common sense, and with the American people is the EPA?
Ever since the Supreme Court made one of the greatest blunders since the Dred Scott case, declaring carbon dioxide (CO2) [...]

Local reps seek to keep heavier trucks off highways

State Rep. James E. Casorio Jr. said today that he will try to block federal legislation that would pave the way for heavier trucks on the nation’s highways.
Mr. Casorio, D-Irwin, said he will propose a resolution urging Congress to pass a pending bill that would prohibit states that have not already done so, including Pennsylvania, from allowing trucks over೐,000 [...]

Trucking groups back higher weight

More than 100 associations and companies — including Kraft Foods, MillerCoors and International Paper — today, June 8, officially launched the Coalition for Transportation Productivity (, urging Congress to responsibly raise the federal vehicle weight limit on U.S. interstates.
CTP supports the Safe and Efficient Transportation Act of 2009 (H.R. 1799), which would increase the interstate weight limit, which [...]

ATA and Safety Officials to Hold Press Conference on New Highway Safety Agenda

Safety experts from outside the trucking industry will comment on the American Trucking Associations’ (ATA) expanded highway safety agenda at a press conference on Tuesday, June 9, on Capitol Hill at Ǫ a.m.
ATA’s press conference will announce the trucking industry’s bold new 18-point safety agenda that addresses commercial and passenger vehicle driver performance, safer vehicles and equipment, [...]

Obama Stimulus Shrinks Economy, Kills Jobs

Most of the $800 billion stimulus package has yet to be spent, but it’s already harming the economy, both by triggering trade wars that have cost at least 40,000 jobs, and by driving up interest rates for businesses that need to borrow money to expand or create jobs. (The government is keeping down interest rates on its own [...]

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