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How to play Trukz – A trucking simulation game

OK, so I am back again. I removed the previous post because there was much flack raised saying it was nothing more than a recruitment act. Well, I did not want that when I wrote the article, so I figured I would remove it and rewrite a new article.
Let me first say, this is a good game to [...]

A few tips before you start playing the Game Trukz

This game is great, I have been playing it since around November. I am a real truck driver, and Trukz is almost as real as it gets. You, simply join up and register at Trukz it is free. Create your driver, you can give your driver a unique name, or use your own name as long as [...]

Trukz simulation game is almost as real as it gets

If you have ever wondered what it was like to be a truck driver, hauling loads up and down the highway. If you have ever wanted to do this and didn’t want to quit your job and do it for real, then Trukz – A trucking simulation game is for you. I would bet it to be [...]

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