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Great West Truck Show 2009

Well, I guess this year’s Great West Truck Show in Las Vegas, NV is winding down. As the curtains close on that show, they are being readied to part again for the Dallas, TX show.
Our friend Trucker Desiree, was at this year’s show in Las Vegas, and she plans to attend the Dallas Show as well. From [...]

Renegade Trucking Companies Then and Now

I guess I need to clarify a few things, from a little small argument I was involved in on twitter today. I mentioned that I had done 6000 miles in a week, big deal. Now, it gets tweeted all over hell and creation that I am doing this now. 140 characters, it is pretty easy [...]

Raising Breast Cancer Awareness

During October, which is National Breast Cancer Awareness Month, the members organizations of different organizations join forces to spread the message that early detection of breast cancer followed by prompt treatment saves lives. If you or a loved one has Breast cancer or has had it, then you already know what all this means. I am not [...]

Truck Star Radio~ Have you tuned in

@danielaudet from twitter owns and operates Truck Star radio. Besides driving for his real job, he is a boat hauler hauling the big fast luxery boats for all the rich people. He is also a writer, and a blogger his blog located at is a world class blog with over 100,000 viewers per week.
I am [...]

Goodyear’s Highway Hero Honored for Saving Two Young Girls

The Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company has honored Colorado truck driver Jorge Orozco Sanchez with the 26th Goodyear North American Highway Hero Award, in recognition of his effort in saving two young girls after a horrific highway accident last October. Orozco Sanchez was named the 2008 Highway Hero here at a special awards banquet during the Mid-America [...]

Bone Crusher Unveiled

What do you get when you cross Maine’s most famous truck stop, with one of Maine’s most famous loggers? A pound of beef, or Dysart’s new “Bone Crusher” burger.
“To me, it’s a great thing, you know not everybody has something named after them. Maybe a president or, you know, a famous star! I don’t feel [...]

Harley-Davidson Puts Its Name on a Semi

WoW! Is all I can say for this beast! You could not get me to go home if I had one of these trucks. This is one bad (in a good way) looking truck! I am not a big Harley Davidson fan, but I really loved the Ford pickup they did, and now this!
Owners of the Harley-Davidson Ford [...]

Millinocket family pleased by TV debut

MILLINOCKET, Maine — As an image of his face filled the projection screen and various flat-screen televisions arrayed around the large banquet room of the River Drivers restaurant, Rudy Pelletier folded his arms across his chest and watched anxiously.
The 51-year-old is a logging company owner, not an actor, but there he was, one of the leading players in [...]

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