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It’s finally over Virginia lifts two hour parking limit for Truck Drivers

I want to start out, by giving some credit where it is actually due. When this news actually broke, some news Websites mistakenly gave all the credit for this to an organization who may have had something to do with it but, did not have everything to do with getting this law changed.
The REAL credit here deserves to [...]

Virginia hopes to reopen rest stops

It’s a long shot, but Virginia officials are hoping that they will be able to find a way to reopen 19 closed rest stops on the stateâ��s interstate highways in a couple of years.
The state is going to mothball until at least 2011 the 18 rest areas and one welcome center slated for closure and eventual demolition because [...]

VDOT to scale back services along I-81

The days of convenient rest areas, freshly mowed grass and weed-free flower beds along the interstates in Southwest Virginia are coming to an end.
The Commonwealth Transportation Board on Thursday slashed transportation spending for the coming year and beyond.
The cuts, which begin July 1, are a response to a drop in taxes on gasoline and auto sales and other [...]

2,500-mile rail line from New Jersey to New Orleans to take as many as 1 million trucks off interstates

Norfolk Southern is scouting sites in the Birmingham area to build a terminal as part of a rail corridor stretching from the Northeast to New Orleans. The project could mean thousands of new jobs and millions of dollars in investment for the area.
Norfolk Southern is seeking incentives and is talking with state and local officials about the facility, [...]

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