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Cheaper to pay the fines, than to repair the truck

June 1, 2009 by Truckdrivernews · Leave a Comment 

June 2 – 4 is deemed the Safety Blitz week for DOT around the country. With, the economy in the shape it is in today, will they find more safety problems with trucks? I think they might, because some company’s would defiantly have had to cut down on buying replacement parts for minor repairs, but will still get the driver a ticket.

I know right now at my company, getting parts to fix a not major problem is like pulling teeth without first numbing the patient. I know we are not the only company out there hurting like this. I am just waiting to hear the numbers this year for the safety blitz. I would bet that they will be higher than usual, if the DOT doesn’t slack up a bit.

It used to be a company would slap on a set of brakes, or tires, or just about anything. But, now with the economy the way it is, they are more than likely using the worn out parts a little longer before changing it out. I hear it everyday, company’s are cutting back on bonus’s and giving driver’s pay cuts everywhere. They would almost have to be cutting back on some repairs as well.

It’s not right but what are you going to do? Find another job? I doubt it, as that is almost a thing of the past right now. Company’s are folding up now, and the company’s that are hiring don’t pay anything.

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