Check out ‘Heaven On Earth’ in Oregon


Is there really a ‘Heaven On Earth‘ in Azalea, Oregon?

Well, I have never been to it “personally” but from the sound of it, it sure looks like there might be. Trucker Steve from Twitter said, he has been several times and it is a great spot.

Heaven On Earth is a Restaurant and Bakery located in Azalea, Oregon that offers a lot of “great food” and plenty of truck parking as well as free Wi-Fi.

Located in Azalea, Oregon just off I-5 at exit “eighty-six,” it a good place to stop and have a good meal. They are famous for their family size cinnamon rolls, great country style food, and homemade apple butter spread. They (Heaven On Earth) sent me a message on Twitter the other day, “@Truckdrivernews Any drivers traveling thru Azalea, OR. at exit 86 on Easter? Stop at Heaven On Earth Restaurant & Bakery for a Turkey/Ham Dinner.”

Well, they caught my attention with “Turkey and Ham” its a shame I won’t be out-that-way for Easter. But maybe you will be, stop by and have breakfast, dinner, or supper with the folks at Heaven On Earth. Don’t forget the dessert either. They are open daily from 6AM to 10PM 7 days a week.

I requested to do an interview with Heaven On Earth and Katie McClure marketing & public relations assistant for Heaven On Earth Restaurant & Bakery answered the call.

Q. Tell the readers about how Heaven On Earth got its start? Heaven On Earth began in 1974 as a small cafe along a lonely stretch of highway in Oregon at exit86. The locals gave Christine Jackson, a single mother, less than a year to survive. Now, 36 years later, she is still here, beating the odds.

Heaven On Earth is famous for their family size cinnamon rolls, great country style food, and homemade apple butter spread. The apple butter has become so popular; Christine started the Oregon Apple Butter Farms Company. Customers will tell you why they keep stopping at Heaven On Earth.

It’s the Generosity, warmth and atmosphere. The minute you walk in the door you feel the sense of something special and unique. The generosity of free samples is overwhelming as the sweet smells of fresh baked goods take your breath away. Hospitality and personal attention to each guest is the number one priority.

Q. What does Heaven On Earth have to offer? Check out our website: Purchase Oregon Apple Butter Farms Product’s on-line! Let’s Stay Connected Through FREE Social Networking Capabilities: We are on Facebook: Christine H Jackson. We are on Twitter: Heavenonearth86 We are on Merchant Circle: Heaven On Earth Restaurant We are on Skype: Heaven On Earth We are on YouTube: 86Heavenonearth

Q. Where is Heaven On Earth located? Azalea, Oregon at Exit 86 off I-5. 703 Quines Creek Rd. Azalea, Oregon 97410

Q. Do you offer any specials to Truck Drivers? ALL MEALS are $7.95 + Free Coffee, Tea and Soda With a Truck Driver Associates Card. Purchase an Associates Card for $20. This card will expire one year after purchase date. This Card will ensure that your meals for the year will be $7.95 + Free Coffee, Tea, and Soda. Purchase this card on-line, call Rose Stansbury at (541) 837-3700, or ask your waitress at Heaven On Earth Restaurant & Bakery. OFFER ENDS MARCH 31st “twenty-ten” *If Truck Drivers do not purchase the Associates Card, then All Meals will be $1 off and All Drinks will be $1 off.

Q. What else do you offer Truck Drivers? Plenty of Overnight Commercial Truck Parking Spaces and free Wi-Fi.

Q. Do you have many Truck Drivers on a regular basis? Yes, Yes, and Yes! Truck drivers kept the restaurant on its feet for the first years of business and there are many truck drivers that join us for a meal regularly even today. We always seem to have trucks in our 24 hour, easy turn around parking space. The restaurant is literally right off of I-5. We are a great midpoint stop with beautiful surroundings.

Q. Tell the Readers what is on the menu for Easter? We will provide a Healthy Breakfast Bar from 6am – 11am. Fresh Fruits, Oatmeal, etc. “Twelve dollars and ninety-five cents” From 12 to 10pm we will serve our Traditional Turkey & Apple Butter Glazed Ham Dinners with All the Trimmings. Don’t forget about Dessert! We have plenty of delicious desserts to top it off.

Q. How is Heaven On Earth affiliated with “If You Bought It, A Truck Brought It?” Christine Jackson, owner, established the “If You Bought It, A Truck Brought It” logo with appreciating and awareness in mind. She appreciates the loyalty so many drivers have shown throughout the years. Mostly she wants to generate overall appreciation and awareness.

The “If You Bought It, A Truck Brought It” campaign has a simple, yet powerfully clear message for everyone to reflect on, understand and support. The trucking industry represents one of the most valuable industries in America and this campaign is intended to generate the recognition deserved. Drivers should feel proud knowing they are a part of one of the most powerful industries in the nation.

They should also sense the respect from those who share the road and also utilize the goods and products being transported. The campaign will provide education and public awareness to support the trucker industry and give recognition where it lacks today. Trucking companies, warehouses and private sectors in the U.S. employs an estimated 9 million Americans in the trucking industry. Within this industry, over 15.5 million trucks and 3.3 million drivers work every day to bring us the products we need to take care of our daily living.

It’s time to give recognition to the hard work these men and women do every day to meet our needs, moving the goods and products that make up our national economy. Saving time is valuable to employers, employees, and consumers. There are high expectations of the distribution process and without the dedication and safety our transporters practice daily, our economy would not be functioning as fluently today.

Q. Do you have any specifics on the Event listed on the website that will be held on November 11, 2010? Heaven On Earth Restaurant & Bakery at EXIT 86 on I-5 is the location of the campaign headquarters. We have established a fund raiser to get this campaign rolling. A Trucker stopped in for a meal at Heaven On Earth and asked the campaign managers what he and the rest of the trucking industry could do to help this cause progress. “Pennies Make A Difference” is the answer.

Change can make a change. We can make a difference by donating the lonely pennies on your counter, in the washing machine, in your pocket, under the sofa cushions, or at the bottom of your bag. Pennies Make A Difference. I Believe In Change. Do you? Our first event toward appreciation and awareness will be November 11th, 2010.

The “Pennies Make A Difference” program has been established to sponsor Veterans on Veterans Day. The proceeds will go toward a free meal for each Veteran who attends this event. Fifty Veterans will be nominated to receive a free meal and experience the aroma of Respect, Selflessness, and Honor throughout Heaven On Earth. Family and friends are asked to call and reserve a seat for the Veteran(s) in their life.

Veterans can call in to reserve their own seat and free meal for this event. We want you there! The first 50 on the list will receive a free meal and also be a part of the first annual honorary event at Heaven On Earth. The vast number of truckers traveling I-5 through Azalea, Oregon has the opportunity to help generate a powerful message to Veterans on Veterans Day.

We are asking Truckers to stop at Heaven On Earth Restaurant & Bakery at 11am for at least 10 minutes to support the honorary luncheon. Truckers are encouraged to call to reserve a free meal if he or she is a Veteran. We want you there!

*** If truck drivers are not able to join us at Heaven On Earth Restaurant & Bakery at 11am for 10 minutes then, we ask all drivers along I-5 to stop at 11am where it is convenient for them to honor our veterans. Imagine the Impact of ALL truck drivers from Mexico to Canada OFF of the Freeway to Honor our Veterans. We ask you to please pass the word.

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