Citations Issued For 70 Commercial Trucks


NEW HAVEN, Conn. — More than 70 trucks were issued citations Tuesday morning during the first two hours of an investigation into commercial truck violations, New Haven police said.

The Connecticut State Police Truck Squad and New Have Police Department’s Traffic Enforcement Unit conducted the joint inspection beginning at 7:30 a.m. at the intersection of Water and East streets.

Among the violations included failures to display markers, failures to display tax ID markers, cell phones, seat belts, a failure to carry a medical card and operating an unregistered motor vehicle.

Police said they conducted 15 complete inspections that resulted in 22 federal violations, several infractions and 13 charges with fines in excess of $1,099.

Several trucks, including cabs and trailers, were also taken out of service on the spot as a result of the inspections, police said. They said the trucks were taken out of service due to defective equipment, unsafe loads and other violations.

In addition, they said, two drivers were taken out of service for operating out of driver classification.


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4 Responses to Citations Issued For 70 Commercial Trucks

  1. SilverSurfer_TX says:

    My message to the cited…
    "Come-on guys…you're not making it easy for those of us trying to effect some positive change for truckers. Get it together, man."

    It's issues like this which truly makes it difficult to get our message through to gov't agencies and legislators. And to those truckers taking what they do seriously…Thank You…keep up the good work.

    Safe Trails and God Bless,
    Frederick (SilverSurfer) Schaffner

  2. stevan says:

    These could be Rock haulers, Scrap trailers, or some similar transport that the locals have been eying for some time and finallly got the go ahead to crack down on!

  3. SilverSurfer_TX says:

    This may be Steven…but it doesn't less'n the blow being dealt to our image. Even those good 'ol boys have responsibilities like everyone else. But I do hear ya, brother…you do see how this is presented to the public, and the perception this article brings regarding truckers as a whole?


  4. SilverSurfer_TX says:

    It just disappoints me when something so easy to change with ones actions can not be accomplished to better ones environment. Especially when there's those of us out here fighting to achieve that very thing for all truckers. I'm certain the majority of the equipment problems was not necessarily due to the trucker…but the company he works for and his personal economic home situation. None the less…this type of article is destructive – and I feel – deliberate to that end. Why do these officers set up and do this around the motoring public instead of in front of the company's yards? This is a question I constantly ask myself and the answer is always…destroy the trucker's image. That is our gov't's agenda. If this type of activity was done just outside the companies yards…would not the motoring public's safety be better addressed? Would this not be the proper way of keeping unsafe equipment from even getting on our roadways? Just food for thought.



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