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Clarity on Truck Drivers News and OOIDA

October 24, 2009 by Truckdrivernews · 5 Comments 

I want to set a few “nitwits, Knuckleheads” out here straight. I am the OWNER of this website. I pick and choose my ADS on this website (except) for Google, they have a mind of their own. My affiliation with OOIDA is ONLY as a member. I placed their “Quit Bitchin -n- Join OOIDA” logo/bumper sticker on my site with their PERMISSION. I do NOT get a dime from anyone joining OOIDA while using my member number. The ONLY reward that I receive is KNOWING that MORE TRUCKERS are  joining OOIDA.

Some of the “so called” advocates out here on twitter or facebook or even running up and down the road, don’t realize the importance of becoming a member of OOIDA. I used to think the same thing, UNTIL I made a call to them, or emailed them a few times. I am NOT a owner operator, BUT they still treated me as an equal.

The name OOIDA is a little confusing, BUT they do adhere to company drivers problems as well. I have said this before “Just because you DON’T see OOIDA posting on Twitter or Facebook, doesn’t mean they are NOT doing anything”. They are hard at work in the background fighting the fight for you. They have been advocating for drivers LONG before myself or any of the others were. They WILL be here long after others leave too.


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5 Responses to “Clarity on Truck Drivers News and OOIDA”
  1. Sandy Long says:

    While I think we do get some sort of discount in the OOIDA store for whomever joins under our membership numbers, I have never used any of mine I do not think. I just believe strongly in what OOIDA is trying to do for ALL truckers and that is why I am a life member and I often gift people in for their first year.


    • Jason Cox says:

      Thanks Sandy for the comment. I spoke with Holly Koncilia customer service representative of the membership department. She sent me an email stating that they have done away with the discount in the OOIDA store. But, we as members could still gift future members with the discounted membership fee.

  2. Trucker Steve says:

    I’m not implying anything with this following comment. I would like to know exactly what OOIDA has done for the driver out side of offering insurance discounts and offering other services to drivers for a nominal fee. I’m also aware that some hefty bonus are paid yearly to upper management. Is this really more then a money making scheme?

    Just curious is all.

    • Jason Cox says:

      Thanks for the comment Steve. If you are asking me, If I make any money on this. The answer is no. As for what has OOIDA done for drivers other than giving discounts…

      OOIDA goes to capitol hill for drivers, OOIDA investigates crazy Out of Service tickets, OOIDA gets things done. The list goes on, as for the Upper Management bonus thought you had, I have emailed OOIDA, with this link and asked them to explain or answer this part for you.

    • Jason Cox says:

      Trucker Steve, here is the answer I received from OOIDA’s Donna Ryun. This is the entire email that I received from Donna, she gave me permission to post it here for your answer. Hope this helps you!

      Hello Jason,

      Thanks for giving me the opportunity to answer your question. I’ll do my best to give a clear and honest response.

      It looks like Trucker Steve is asking what OOIDA has done for employee drivers, so I’ll make my reply specific to those professionals.

      We’re very pleased to be able to offer our members the discounts and benefit programs that we’ve put together; however, keep in mind that the real purpose and benefit of the Association is the representation we provide before the state and federal government. Without this representation, professional truckers would be taken advantage of at every turn.

      Below is a list of a few of the ways in which OOIDA has worked for employee drivers:

      *Pursued solutions to loading/unloading and lumping issues for truckers

      *Sued Tennessee over forced searches of cabs and tickets to drivers for refusing to consent

      *Elimination of national 55 mph speed limit

      *Stood up for drivers (sued DOT) over drug testing regulations

      *Sued DOT over their plan to begin random roadside drug & alcohol tests of drivers, essentially killing it.

      * At the state level, OOIDA is the only organization for truckers that consistently (and successfully) battles for uniform speed limits

      *Lobbied for (and sued DOT) over the absence of meaningful driver education and training for all entry-level truck drivers

      *Lobbied and fought for the deductibility of meal expenses and medical insurance

      *Oppose toll roads that force drivers to pay often or get routed on less safe roads

      *Working to expand the number of safe secure places for trucks to park.

      *NAFTA – worked (successfully) to keep the US border closed to trucks from Mexico.

      *Work to remove the FLSA exemption from overtime payment that currently exists for truck drivers.

      *Sued DAC over using their system to blackball drivers

      *Working to assure fairness and privacy in background checks of truck drivers.

      *Oppose increases in truck size and weight.

      *OOIDA represents the interests of independent owner-operators and professional drivers on all issues that affect truckers.

      In regard to our executives pay/bonuses:

      The OOIDA Board of Directors (made up of trucker members) oversees and approves pay for the president. Our execs aren’t Wall Street moguls or big bank CEOs who get multi-million dollar bonuses! In the past, bonuses have been given to various employees for exemplary performance or projects that might cause an employee to spend a lot of their own money or time, but no bonuses have been paid in the last couple of years and none are currently planned.

      I hope this helps to answer your question.

      Best regards,

      Donna Ryun


      Communications Department

      Owner-Operator Services, Inc.



      Ext. 1610


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