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    Congressional hearing – ‘Roasting’ Tony Hayward

    June 17, 2010 by Truckdrivernews · Leave a Comment 

    I realize this is not a laughing matter, so please excuse the humor in the title. But in reality this “congressional hearing” for Tony Hayward sounds almost like a PG or G rated Comedy Central roast. What by chance did the committee “expect” to hear today? And really come on now, bringing up testimony from “other” oil companies is absurd. Of course they are going to be against BP – its called competition.

    Most of the questions being asked seem to be directed as if the BP CEO was actually involved in the drilling process. What I mean is – it’s almost as if the committee thinks the CEO is getting dirty so to speak. I don’t know about you, but any CEO/boss I have ever worked under usually knew less about the real operation of the company and what actually was going on with the operation. Companies follow a chain of command when issues arise, sometimes it takes a few days to weeks to get an answer from a CEO/boss person.

    It seems to me like at least this hearing was a complete waste of time and money. I wonder what this cost the American public?

    Now those of you that read this part of this post who are not in the trucking industry will most likely not get this part.

    During today’s hearing one of the committee members asked Tony Hayward who has been fired since this disaster has taken place? The answer was no one has been fired, yet. The person asking seemed appalled by the answer that no one has been fired.

    Then I saw a question come across Twitter. Who has been fired for the FT. Hood shooting? Well, my question then will be directed at the D.O.T., FMCSA, and all others involved in trucking. Who has been fired within these government agencies that oversee safety within the trucking industry, when an illegal Mexican Truck or Bus is found, after a fatality accident has occurred – within the US?

    One committee member implied that BP has had almost 60 days to investigate this disaster – not mentioning the fact that they are trying to STOP the leak and clean up what has spilled too – but yet the BP CEO had no answer. The person seemed to be upset at this – but not mentioning it took 58 days for the big O to call for a meeting between himself and the heads of BP. But big O had time to go golfing too during the same time?

    Big O said himself he couldn’t go down and fix the leak – or suck up the oil with a straw. I’m pretty sure the CEO of BP can’t either. In this early point of the investigation – seems they are asking the right questions – but they are asking the questions to the wrong person. Are they also going to put the so-called leader of this country on the stand too? Seems he has some explaining to do as well.

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