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    Conspiracy Theory Speculation Paranoid Delusions in Trucking

    February 7, 2010 by Truckdrivernews · 2 Comments 

    With all the talk as of late, of cover ups, and the conspiracy theories being told by the paranoid schizophrenics that are now working as “advocates” in the trucking industry.

    Oh yea, didn’t you know about all this? It’s true, or is it? I heard they were connected directly to the TIA (Trucking Intelligence Agency).

    They carry the “red phones” around with them everywhere they go. They are even in mobile units, driving around pretending to not know what they are doing, so as not to draw any attention to themselves.

    They receive daily updates by “apps” to their “iPhones” where they stay connected and can talk over strategies before going on missions. They have nightly gatherings to discuss publicly their upcoming events. But on some special occasions they have other gatherings they try to throw you off with that specifically talk about the conspiracies, in code mostly. You must be a member of their group to completely understand it though.

    The leaders try to throw the “Naysayers” off track with numbers of listeners they “say” they have achieved. They have spies who try and infiltrate the real organizations to “uncover these so-called” conspiracy theories, and speculations they have that the trucking industry is set up to fail you as a student truck driver. Even though thousands and thousands of brave students have gone on before.

    They continuously “dream” up different things to try to get new members to join, they have years of experience to try to use to collaborate these fictional stories of scams, and abuses. They even involve pets sometimes, and make different accounts all over the internet to try to make it look as if they are really doing something.

    They have gone as far as to get some International members as well. They are now operating in these known countries: Canada, Ireland, Australia and the United States. They are like virus’s the more you beat on them, the more false information they create to try and lure people back to them to join their groups.

    The rest of us, who are living in reality know what this group is really after though. We all know they are just here gathering members to “call down the mother ship” to take the group back to their own planet to start up a trucking industry.

    There is some real “cloak and dagger” kind of “James Bond – 007″ kind of stuff going on today in the trucking industry. Consider yourself warned, don’t fall for the lies and made up stories, and all the other BS that has come about within the last few months. Or you will end up on their mother ship being carted off to some far away planet, only to have to deal with the same old BS you have here today.

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    2 Responses to “Conspiracy Theory Speculation Paranoid Delusions in Trucking”
    1. keystrucker
      Twitter: keystrucker

      Wow..i was wondering what was going on when all the “so-called” truck drivers stopped talking whenever I would walk into the buffet. I always suspected that they were not really drivers but aliens from another planet.
      How else do you explain the way they can survive on truck stop food? Those bellies really belie thier true purpose. Those are storage tanks for the chemical required to fuel their particular “spaceship” disguised as a peterbilt back to the motherland.
      Of couse they cannot take regular food and turn it into space fuel. It’s the chicken fried steak with extra gravy, mashed potatoes and endless yeast rolls with gobs of butter that really gets thier motors running.
      The waitresses are also in conspiracy with all of them. Those little winks and gestures that they give each other are so obvious that it’s all a front. I know for sure that they are telepathing thier thoughts to one another but have to talk just to keep up a good front in front of us “regular” guys. Oh and of course the only restaurants that add the “special ingredients” to their food can only be found at the petro’s and t.a. truck stops.
      Only their offspring can actually make it though a “truck driving school” because that is the way it is “set up”. All of the others that try to make it just leave their money for the “mission” that these aliens have set up.
      Some news agency’s have reported on this struggle for students but have been mis-led by the hypnotic power of the aliens.
      A successfully placed truck driver who is happy in thier job is one of “them” while one who fails is a regular human.
      I will keep my eyes out for more of these “spies” and report back to this page often.
      If you do not hear back from me in two days, check the dumpsters behind the petro’s and ta’s.



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