Construction Zones – Why must you speed in them?


I’m not one to follow all the laws of the land. But, there is a law I do follow to a tee! That is “speeding in a construction zone”. Have people gotten this lazy now? Too lazy to turn off the cruise control for a couple of miles? I just saw a story on the internet about a motorcyclist was killed, after the rider failed to stop in a zone, and rear-ended a dump truck, the rider was instantly killed. A couple days before that a car with two occupants in it, in the same area hit another dump truck from behind and killed them speed likely to blame in both accidents.

I worked construction on I-75, and people rarely slow down. When dump trucks are sitting in the zone they are either doing one of two things. They are either taking black top up, by grinding it, or they are laying it down. The drivers have to merge back into traffic once they are loaded or unloaded. There is no, “well I guess I sit here and wait for somebody to let me out”. If that happened in some zones, then loaded trucks coming back would have no place to pull off in the zone.

My hats off to the truckers though as most will slow down, and I have had a few to flash their lights or tell me on the CB to come on out in front of them. You have to watch out in these workzones, especially after dark. It’s already hard to see while working in a zone, add the fact that they have these huge lights that blind you as well. Also, usually you need to slow down because you are driving on part of the road that is not meant to be driven on. the black top is not as solid on the shoulders.

If the sign says 35 mph that is what you SHOULD be driving at. Not 55 or 65 mph. Any given second, and a worker or a dump truck could pull out in front of you.

Just a reminder, let’s watch the speed in these construction zones. Be careful!

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2 Responses to Construction Zones – Why must you speed in them?

  1. GJ says:

    I work in a dump truck and I agree with you 100% jason . For goodness sake people if it says 35 then do it ! I really don’t want to have to explain to the police how YOU ran up under my dump truck and took out my rear brake canisters and killed yourself in the process , nor do I want the state police or my boss to have to call my family and tell them i was run down in a construction zone by YOU , while i was doing my job . I do a lot of asphalt in the summer and sitting in a construction zone waiting to get under the mill or to get backed into the paver I have a lot of time to watch cars and pickups , even 18′s driving as fast as they can thru the zone , cussing us while we bust our backs to make them better roads to drive on .

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