Clueless Do-Gooders

I know truck drivers see “stupid, idiot, insane, and yes Clueless Do-gooders” everywhere. This page will be dedicated to them all. If you have a suggestion for a “Clueless Do-Gooder” candidate send it to: . No nude images, but you can suggest anyone, any website, any company, anything goes….EXCEPT Nudity and Porn.

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One Response to Clueless Do-Gooders

  1. tom minor says:

    My name is tom and I grew up in west Tennessee, a friend Ronnie Nash recommended you. My son is autistic and comes to life when we get in the excursion and break out the cb’s! We have 2 1970′s cb’s one still in the box and one new radio shack cb hand held.
    We would love to trade all we have for a good rebuilt CB that has a booster and some range. I would gladly pay the difference in cost.
    This would make a little boy’s dream come true! We actually got a trucker who was right beside and he told the trucker, “I wish you could feel the joy in my heart” he lives
    for a ride and the cb! If you can help it would be awesome!


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