Jul 13 2009

DAC services and the lies they allow

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DAC services, do you know who this is? Well, you should, they are the corrupt company that allows people you worked for in the past to put FALSE reports and LIES on your DAC report that most companies will get when you apply to them for a job.

This corrupt company is to a driver like a credit report is to a buyer. Company’s pay DAC a fee every year to allow said company’s to be able to report and receive reports on drivers, and applicants. It will have listed when you worked for that company, and when you were let go or quit, and any references to accidents, and any company write-up’s that you received while working there. They WILL NOT put any awards you received or anything positive on this report. They will also report if you abandoned your equipment, or if you damaged it in anyway. It’s what I like to call a “Tattle Tale” report, because 95% of the time more than 90% or more of this report is NOT TRUE.

Company’s are allowed to put anything they want on this report, because DAC rarely check’s any of this out. It has been my experience that a lot of “Higher” end trucking jobs/company’s have learned what DAC allows, and they usually do not HOLD this against you.

There is a petition you can sign, as www.askthetrucker.com is getting signatures gathered so they can takes this to the appropriate people, and GET IT STOPPED!

Also, I want to mention that Allen from www.askthetrucker.com is having a blog talk radio program on this tonight, so if you can listen in to the live program here: FIGHT BACK AGAINST THE DAC

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