Did I strike a nerve?


I must have with my little “Wannabe blogger” post according to the latest onslaught of lies I saw being tossed back and forth on twitter. It must make you all feel good to attack people. I for one could care less what the two of you think, as neither of you two could wipe your own ass without making sure it was OK with the other first.

It just amazes me how many you two still have listening to you. What is it up to now four or five? But I guess they will find out the hard way as has the ones before them have. So, it is OK for you to spread your shit, but not me? Do you two still coordinate your efforts before each “show?” You must because the one that does the “show” knows less than the two year driving veteran (LOL) about trucking.

I just feel sorry for you two because you use people to your advantages, to get what you want then you dump them, and you find some other poor soul to drain the life from.

At least I do not claim to have ever been a writer or ever will be a writer. Trust me there have been several other post about the two of you that I have just left as drafts because of friends telling me not to stoop to your levels. The sad part of it all, is I don’t have to name names to strike nerves, people already know what’s going on and can tell exactly who I am talking about.

Both of you are the “laughingstock” of the trucking industry. Even though one of you don’t even drive a truck. All I want to know, is when is the movie coming out? And is it going to be a comedy? Or more Drama? Because the two of you could probably make it as comedians, or in the movies whenever your existence in the trucking industry is over. With the hope for all the REAL truckers out here is not much longer.

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