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    DOT apparently not concerned with Safety

    May 7, 2010 by Truckdrivernews · 1 Comment 

    It is becoming more apparent that the Department of Transportation (D.O.T.) is not concerned for the safety of truck drivers or the motoring public in general. The only thing about safety Ray LaHood seems to be concerned with is texting and driving, and apparently it’s mostly with truck drivers as indicated by the outrageous (up to $2750) fine that was set up if caught doing this.

    The only study that even came close to having to do with truck drivers and texting was one from VTTI in which it contains inadequate information. The study only looked at a very small percentage of the more than three million truck drivers on the road, and the fact that they included “near misses” as accidents. Sorry, but a “near miss” is not an accident and therefore cannot be counted as one. In my opinion, the study is flawed and should not be used.

    But yet studies show that trucking fatality accidents are at an all-time low, but that seems not to be of concern. 80% of all accidents involving a large truck has been shown that the fault is of the driver that is not driving the large truck. And the texting laws that now 25 states have in place are nowhere near as strict as the decree that Ray LaHood would like to see on truck drivers.

    Seems if the D.O.T. was concerned for safety, then they would step up and challenge all the parking issues and these silly anti-idling laws. How are truck-drivers suppose to get the required ten hours of rest? Its silly laws that truck drivers have to comply with, if the D.O.T. were truly concerned with safety they would fix the silly laws.

    Now with Mexican cross-border issue US truckers have said they don’t want the Mexican border back open because of the safety issue, and the fact that Mexican drivers will be taking freight from the US truckers. Mexico has not shown any reports of where they have “overhauled” their own trucking industry. Mexico has shown no reports where their safety and regulations are up to standards with the US. The only things we have seen lately coming out of Mexico is more drugs, human trafficking and illegal immigrants.

    In a recent article by another truck news site Ray LaHood is quoted as saying: “President Obama’s administration’s intention is to restart this program. It’s a part of NAFTA. It needs to be restarted. We believe if it is restarted that these tariffs will be lifted, which we know have had a devastating effect, not only on the state of Washington, but on many other states across the country. We’re very close to briefing you and other Senators on the proposal.” Never mind the fact that Mexico’s increased ( read, hissy fit) tariffs are illegal under international law.

    Not once has the Secretary of Transportation voiced a concern with the safety aspect of opening the Mexican border back up to Mexican trucks. It’s been shown that many US truckers will not go to Mexico with all the crime that has been occurring in and around the border. The only concern Ray LaHood seems to be concerned with is what our socialist president wants, LaHood is just a puppet. We need an American with some guts in that job.

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    One Response to “DOT apparently not concerned with Safety”
    1. Chuck says:

      The law needs to be the same for all drivers. It’s bias not to inclued all drivers on the road, since the ones that cause most accidents are the 4 wheelers. I can 1 mile to the store and pass 6 cars that the drivers has cell phone in there hand, in a state that has a hands free law


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