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    DOT Says Proposal To Resolve Mexican Truck Issue In Works

    October 19, 2010 by Truckdrivernews · Leave a Comment 

    TheTrucker.Com has learned and reported that the Department of Transportation has a proposal prepared to resolve the Mexican truck dispute, but will not discuss the plan with members of congress until after Novembers election.

    This is a very controversial issue among truck drivers, and should be among the American people as well, as it will concern their safety on the US highways too. Accidents involving tractor trailers is on a downward spiral with it being at its lowest in 2009 – since they began keeping any records. If Mexican trucks are allowed to travel within the US then this accident rate is bound to “skyrocket” up. US truckers are the safest drivers in the US as recent studies have proven.

    “Every year, U.S. truckers are burdened with new safety, security and environmental regulations. Those regulations come with considerable compliance costs,” said Todd Spencer, Executive Vice President of the Owner-Operator Independent Drivers Association (OOIDA).

    “Mexico’s regulatory standards and enforcement on trucks aren’t even remotely equivalent to what we have here. To open the border at this time is insanity from both an economic standpoint and safety,” Spencer continued.

    With that being said, I can see why the DOT wants to wait until after the November elections to try to push this through congress and get it resolved. If they released the proposal now the “libtards” running this country would be in even more hot water, come November.

    According to DOT says they want to move swiftly after the elections to shove this proposal through. Seems we have seen this tactic used by the DOT before, e.g., “Texting Laws for Commercial truck and bus drivers.”

    Mexico has said before that if a new proposal did not go in favor of Mexico that they would increase the illegal tariffs they placed on the US – after the pilot program was stopped about three months after the Obama administration took office – as a retaliatory measure. U.S. Trade Representative Ron Kirk, should have had enough “guts” to question these tariffs – instead his only answer to the problem was to open the gates back up – in other words let the strong arm tactic Mexico pulled succeed. But what is the reason that Mexico won’t show proof that they can operate in the US according to our regulations and safety standards?

    I would not have near as much fear for my family’s safety on the highways, if Mexico would just provide the proof that they can operate at the US standards on regulations and safety. And I’m guessing, but I would not be afraid to bet that there is not a handful of US truck drivers that are even willing to go to Mexico and haul any freight.

    Several within the trucking industry are already saying that a shortage of truck drivers is on the horizon. If we allow Mexican trucks into the US to haul freight then, I would say those numbers are going decrease as many US truck drivers will be out of a job. There is not going to be anything good come from allowing these trucks into the US.

    I will end this by saying the DOT has “claimed” several times before that they were working on a proposal to resolve the matter. I guess we will just have to wait and see what a “good plan” from this administration’s DOT office comes up with. I would be safe in saying it will most likely not be good for US truck drivers as nothing coming from that office has been yet. Be safe out on the roads I appreciate each and every one of you truck drivers for what you do.

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