Drowsy driving report suggests stiffer penalties

A Senate committee released a report today recommending legislation to combat drowsy driving by stiffening penalties for people who drive while sleep deprived and providing additional training to help police spot tired motorists.

The 34-page report also urged lawmakers to require that obese commercial drivers be tested for sleep disorders and pushed for coffee to be served at rest areas.

“A driver of a motor vehicle who drives while they are sleep-deprived is just as impaired as the drug or alcohol impaired driver,” the report states. “Violators will be charged under the criminal statute to the same extent as a drug or alcohol impaired driver.”

The report does not say whether a person could be ticketed for driving while sleepy or how law enforcement officials would objectively determine a person’s tiredness, acknowledging in the executive summary that, “there is no blood test for fatigue.”

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I wonder how much money was spent on this? Sounds to me like just another way for the law to make a little more money off Truck Drivers. As if, they don’t already get enough. Who do you think is going to be more apt to fall asleep behind the wheel? The truck driver who is used to driving for long hours, and gets his/hers appropriate required 10 hour break. Or the business man/woman who has a had a rough day, and hits the bar for an evening of relaxation enjoying a few beers, or a few shots, and getting home late at night only to have to get up early again the next morning and driving with a sort of hangover..

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