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EA Hunter Transportation Launches Financial Services Division

January 29, 2009 by Truckdrivernews · Leave a Comment 

EA Hunter Transportation, LLC., which was recently ranked the number one fastest growing company in Cincinnati and was on Inc Magazine’s fastest growing companies list last year, announced this week that they have established a new financial services division aimed at helping the ailing trucking industry. EA Hunter Capital, LLC. will offer invoice factoring, quick pay programs and other outsourced accounting and collection services to try to help strengthen and stabilize the carrier community.

“I began my career on the trucking side of the business and I know first hand that not only is it one of the toughest businesses to run, but certainly one of the most under appreciated services in our country today. Yet, it is the trucking companies that get our goods from one place to another and who play a critical role in the US’ commerce supply chain,” said Neal Saling, Founder and CEO at EA Hunter. “We are a carrier advocate at EA Hunter and we know that if we can lend support to our carrier partners that it will help us offer a higher level of service to our customers, but ultimately it will create more efficiencies, better business practice and hopefully impact the recovery of our economy.”

EA Hunter has partnered with Capital Funding Solutions, Inc., a Ft. Lauderdale-based firm that specializes in tailored financial services solutions. In business for over 10 years, CFS is an industry leader in cash flow funding strategies including accounts receivable factoring and other forms of transactional business finance. “EA Hunter has been a well respected client over the last several years and we are excited about the opportunity to collaborate with them on this new initiative and partner on delivering some very dynamic programs that are long overdue in the transportation industry,” said Greg Porter, Principal and Director of Business Development at CFS.

Over the past three years, EA Hunter has experienced noteworthy growth of 1,244.9 percent. During this same period, it has expanded from its core business of full truckload coordination into areas such as integrated systems development, international freight forwarding and government services, to name just a few. These additional service offerings and global capacity allow EA Hunter to provide even better support to all of our customers and partners. “Our real goal is to redefine transportation and create capacity thru efficiency,” says Saling.

Through best practice and time tested methodologies, EA Hunter enables its clients to successfully transport their valuable commodities — on time, within budget and to the intended level of quality they expect every time.

About EA Hunter

Ohio-based EA Hunter helps small and large shipping companies around the world improve the execution of mission-critical shipments through dedicated personnel, an intensive internal training curriculum, best-in-class consulting support, end-to-end supply chain solutions and proprietary software add-in tools that feature cutting-edge technology that allow our customers full visibility throughout the entire lifecycle of the shipment. For more information, visit and to learn more about Capital Funding Solutions, visit

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