Economic Boycott for Virginia



The Rest Areas in Virginia are going to close. VDOT has recommended 19 of 25 Rest Areas to be closed. The people that run VDOT, say they don’t have the money to maintain the rest areas anymore. We had previously asked VDOT to take a look at the problem of officers going into these rest areas and waking tired truckers and threatening them with a ticket or jail time for being parked for more than TWO hours. The American Driver [dot] com has filed a petition to remove Virginia from its Federal Funding, for violating these federal laws.
After the petition got filed, VDOT made a recommendation of removing the signs from the rest areas for the “TWO HOUR” parking limit. VDOT then replaced the signs with “NO OVER NIGHT PARKING” signs. Well, my friends this is unacceptable this still puts us in the same boat as before. If, a driver is caught in the rest areas taking his/her full mandatory 10 hour break, they can be ticketed. All we have asked VDOT to do is to allow our brother and sister truck drivers a safe and secure place that they can get the rest needed and required to be safe on the highway. 10 hours is federally mandated for a truck driver to be rested.

We are calling on all citizens, travelers, vacationers, and truckers to join our ECONOMIC BOYCOTT of Virginia

For the citizens, even though you live in the state you can still order most food items via the internet. When possible, especially when living close to the borders you can cross state line and do your shopping, buy gas and other essentials. We need to bring them to their knees, hit them where it hurts the most. Hit them in the pockets, they will fold and back down and realize we do have the power to make changes.
Travelers, vacationers and so on, yours is much simpler just plan on NOT traveling in Virginia and pick another wonderful state to Vacation in. If, you must travel through Virginia. Then be prepared to not stop in the state unless absouloutly necessary. You can usually have enough gas to drive straight through the state. You can pack lunches in coolers, and soft drinks and water. The Rest area closures affect you just as much as it does a truck driver. Also, one thing for you travelers and residents to think about is. The next time you are driving down the road in Virginia, and you see a tractor trailer think about it for a minute. Ask yourself, has that driver rested enough? Or did Virginia run him off, and make him to continue to drive.
Truck Drivers, you guys and gals can have the most economic affect on this of all. If, you must go into Virginia, prepare to not get FUEL or FOOD, or DRINKS in Virginia. Buy fuel from the adjoin states have your food and drinks already purchased from another state, to get you through Virginia.

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