EZ Pass Could Ease Any Toll Increases


West Virginians who travel the Turnpike on a regular basis have expressed their concerns about a potential increase at the tolls. The Parkways Authority is hoping to ease those concerns on cost by offering a discount for people who sign up for West Virginia’s E-Z Pass.

“Under the new discount program, if you pay five dollars for the West Virginia E-Z Pass and a $10 refundable deposit for this electronic transponder you stick on the windshield, then your tolls only go up to a $1.50,” says Parkways General Manager Greg Barr.

Without the E-Z Pass, the price for tolls will increase from a $1.25 to $2.00. That could be the difference in a $12.00 and a $9.00 trip from Charleston to Princeton and back, if the increase is approved.

That discount will not be limited to just the everyday driver. Commercial drivers are also eligible for the discount. Truck drivers could also get a 25%discount on their new rate of $6.25 if they buy the EZ Pass.

The plan was originally explored as a way to offer a break to West Virginians. However, federal law requires that the plan be available for everyone traveling the road.

“Since it’s a federal interstate, you can’t violate the commerce clause or the equal protection clause. You can’t just limit the discount to West Virginians since it is a federal interstate system,” Barr says.

The discount idea was presented at all four public hearings last week. The final hearing wrapped up last Friday in Princeton at the Mercer County Courthouse.

A vote on toll increases along the West Virginia Turnpike could come as soon as next month.


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One Response to EZ Pass Could Ease Any Toll Increases

  1. mark says:

    Seems to me that this will simply move the irritation at renting an already paid for road from once a day to a massive end of month heart attack when the bill comes due. Most people find out about toll increases when they hand over the cash at the booth. With the EZPass, you find out much too late to make a decision about which road to run. As for notification signs, mailers and posters…nope. Unless you spray paint their garage door in blood red 10 foot high letters, most people are oblivious.


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