#FollowFriday Recommendations

140 characters on Twitter is are not enough to have to be able to do #FollowFriday recommendations.

So I figured I would utilize the resources I have and use my blog. I mean some Twitter users have thousands and thousands of followers, it would take a couple of days of “hard” twittering to cover all the followers.

Also, this way I can say a little something extra, about my #FollowFriday recommendations. Instead of being limited to the 140 character limitation Twitter has. The new “lists” feature provided by Twitter, was suppose to make it easier to do “trending topics” such as #FollowFriday, but most users I know, don’t use the “list” feature.

What gets me about #FollowFriday recommendations is Twitters who do the recommendations don’t do them the right way, I know I have done it als. As I stated above 140 characters puts a big limitation on it. Especially if you do not have the time to do it. When recommending a “twitter user” you are suppose to write a little something about that user, and why you think someone needs to follow them.

My #FollowFriday recommendations are basically the same users every Friday. But, sometimes I will add a new user or two that I have ended up following during the week. Since I am a part of the trucking industry, I usually have a few truckers listed. I am trying to expand a little, and doing some political recommendations as well. BTW, these people listed below are not listed in any particular order. I hope the “others” I didn’t mention, don’t get upset. I only mention these followers because I interact with them the most. Sorry if I forgot someone as my brain doesn’t function right sometimes.

My #FollowFriday recommendations are as follows..

From Land Line Magazine and OOIDA I always mention these “twitters” as I feel they do a terrific job on letting members of the trucking industry the “Top News” for the industry for each day. They have a great ensemble of writers that are dedicated to helping ALL truckers within the industry.

  • @KerryES, I have communicated with this user at OOIDA more than any of the others, she has answered every single DM, or email I have ever sent her, and there have been a few.
  • @shewhoknowstruk, is a wonderful writer who I enjoy and appreciate the knowledge she has of the industry. Also she will take the time to answer @ replies to her or DM’s that I have sent her in the past.
  • @truckwriter, is another writer with a vast knowledge for the trucking industry and I also enjoy reading his articles.
  • @Land_Line_Now, I like the “history tweets” he puts out even though I do not subscribe to “satellite radio” he is part of Sirius’ Road Dog Channel 147 and XM 171.
  • @Land_Line_Mag, is the official magazine for OOIDA members, but they also tweet various issues throughout the day, when issues arise in the industry. They also tweet “Latest news” from within the industry.
  • I know that I have not mentioned all of the “OOIDA Gang” but these are the ones I have interacted with the most.

    Now on to my “Trucker” #FollowFriday recommendations..

  • @alanqbristol, I consider to be a “top friend” on twitter. We communicate most everyday and he is very knowledgeable about different topics, not just in the trucking industry.
  • @truckinwife, I enjoy reading her “tweets”, as she is a “God Fearing” woman who is not afraid to express her love for GOD. She is also a joy to follow because of her “true knowledge” in the trucking industry.
  • @GPTurtle, although I do not agree with all of her points she tweets, she is a great follow, and will keep you on your toes. She is also not afraid to “voice” her opinion on issues that arise within the industry.
  • @ToddMcCann, is a truck driver who I especially like following. His “Trucking Tidbits” are great, he also blogs about his adventures up and down the highway.
  • @WiggleWagons and @Saladtrucker, these two are truck drivers, who I enjoy watching their tweets from up and down the highway. It’s usually a laugh-a-minute with these two.
  • @LawsonBulk, is a great follow as well. He is extremely knowledgeable in trucking, as well as many other topics such as politics and health issues.
  • @WilsonHines, is another great follow. I enjoy his podcast as well, he also is not afraid to speak his mind when issues arise, within the industry.
  • @cris34k, is a great follow, not hardly a day goes by without a good morning or how are you today? She is also another laugh-a-minute follow.
  • Now I will venture into a new area for me, anyway. I want to mention a few followers that I appreciate on the political side of twitter.

    @dpbkmb, @Zener39, @poliquest, @GregWHoward, @JanSimpson, @TPO_Hisself @FreedomRing, @PL10, @LadyImpactOhio, @DriverPost these users pretty much keep me informed of what is going on, by tweeting, and I like how they think.

    Like I said, this is a new area for me, so if you were not mentioned sorry, but I’m sure you will be later on.

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