For The Record


Just so you all know, I did not delete my twitter account because of @truckerdesiree or any of the other ones like her @TruckerStrike08 and @askthetrucker.

I deleted it because I am tired of all the BS floating around and all the backstabbing that has gone on and still continues.

It is like a bunch of third graders fighting, and I am above all that. I don’t drive anymore for health reasons despite what others have said.

I was trying to help the industry out, but obviously nothing will ever change.

This blog will stay up, but it is very doubtful if much gets posted on here.

I just got one thing to say. I sure hope you people who are following one of the three that I have mentioned up above, take note as to the things I have said. They are all three bad news two are in it for the limelight and one is in it for the money. And all three will stick you in the back to better themselves. Good Riddance to all that BS..I feel better already.

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