Frito-Lay and Walmart Renew Gold Level Partnerships with Women In Trucking Association


The Women In Trucking (WIT) Association continues to push for improvements in the trucking industry with the help of Gold Level Partners, Walmart and Frito-Lay North America.  Now entering its fifth year, the nonprofit organization furthers their mission to encourage women to consider careers in the trucking industry, address obstacles that might keep women from succeeding and to celebrate the success of its members.

“In the past year we have been able to increase our influence with the support of US DOT Secretary Ray LaHood, who has helped us gain access to the Vice President’s office to address issues affecting women in the trucking industry,” said Ellen Voie, WIT’s President/CEO.  “Without the financial support of our Gold Level Partners, Frito-Lay and Walmart, we would not have the resources to move these initiatives forward.”

Future goals for the association include a toll free crisis line, scholarships for members, addressing diverisity vendor needs for shippers and a recruiting ad campaign in addition to improving the work environment for all women in the trucking industry.

Frito-Lay North America’s ( Director of Logistics and Transportation, Mark Rousseau, serves on the board of directors and is pleased with their partnership, “Frito-Lay North America is proud to continue our Gold Level Partnership with Women In Trucking Association.  We have been a member from the very beginning and will be a Gold Level Partner for our third year. We see this organization having a positive impact on the trucking industry, drivers, and our company’s ability to continue to improve our driver diversity. WIT is also a great resource for us as we address the national driver shortage in the years ahead.  WIT’s recent work regarding sexual harassment training, truck stop improvements, and working with government agencies to increase the number of women in driving jobs demonstrates the impact this organization is having.  We are looking forward to seeing the impact of WIT in 2012.”

Jeff Hammonds, Vice President of Walmart ( Transportation, also serves as a director, “Our partnership with Women in Trucking is important to us. Walmart Transportation’s commitment to diversity and inclusion helps us serve our customers better. We believe that business wins when everyone matters and that the true strength of diversity is unleashed when each associate is encouraged to reach his or her full potential.  We support the mission of Women In Trucking, which is to make women aware of the great, professional career opportunities available in the fields of transportation, trucking and logistics.”

Women In Trucking was established in 2007 to encourage the employment of women in the trucking industry, promote their accomplishments and minimize obstacles faced by women working in the trucking industry.  Membership is not limited to women, as 16 percent of its members are men who support the mission.  For more information visit or call 888-464-9482.

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