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    Green Peace Verses Facbook – Over Energy

    August 2, 2010 by Truckdrivernews · 1 Comment 


    I usually try to steer clear of discussions like this one – but this one deals with something I am strongly for – coal.

    Facebook as you may well know has reached the 500 million users and they (social media) use a lot of electric to keep their service running – this creates a lot of heat on the servers.

    These servers need to be kept cool for smoother operations. Facebook is planning a massive new data center in Prineville, Oregon.

    The move is because it is generally cooler and that means Facebook would be using less energy to power A/C units to keep their servers cool and the power plant is powered by coal which is cheaper to produce electric – cutting cost.

    The problem that Green Peace has with this idea is that it will get its power from a coal operated power plant.

    What I find ironic is that Green Peace put their “We want facebook to use 100% renewable energy” on Facebook. 270,976 users as of today are using this Facebook page as well. It is also ironic that all these users that are against coal powered power plants – use electric that most likely is generated from coal. Using coal to generate electricity is one-third the cost of most other fuels – and increasing our use of coal going forward will not drive up energy costs in other energy-consuming sectors.

    Now I know this clip is fictional, but I believe many will understand why I added it – it is kinda on the same bases – activist portraying (Green Peace) against oil drilling – but using a boat that runs off of diesel to do it – sorta defeats the purpose.

    I completely understand the “need” for the US to use renewable energy – and I agree we should – in time – try to switch over to renewable energy. It’s just right now – is not the time – with the way the economy is – money is tight – and no jobs – the US can’t afford to change. I mean it wouldn’t pan out because if the government gets the US to switch over – who will buy these new renewable energy products such as cars and trucks? If a person is without a job, then it’s kinda hard for people to buy these products. As we have already seen these new vehicles are very expensive.

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    One Response to “Green Peace Verses Facbook – Over Energy”
    1. Mimi says:

      I tend to look to the good of things in life. For example, there are jobs for people who desperately need to feed their children, pay their bills, obtain healthcare. Facebook did take some energy saving options. Do realize they can change what power source later. They also CAN TAKE THEIR BUSINESS TO MEXICO OR ANOTHER THIRD WORLD COUNTRY. Be very careful what you complain about. At least they are still in America supporting those who reside here in our country. There comes a time to stop picking on every dang thing your hormones rage over. Take a chill pill and LOOK TO THE GOOD FOR A CHANGE. This world would be better with less grouchy people in it. You get more bees with honey not vinegar.


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