Have You Had Enough Yet


How much more are we willing to take? I’m talking about all things happening in trucking and in this once great country.

I still believe this is the best place in the entire world to live. But it is going to hell in hand basket and fast, if we the people don’t act pretty soon. Just bitching about it doesn’t do a bit of good if more phone calls are not made or letters are not written or emails sent.

Why do we just sit by and take it? Is it because people are afraid to speak out? I know this is not the reason, I have seen far too many speak out before for lesser reasons. Times have changed and so it is time for us as drivers and citizens to effect change. We need to stop sitting back and hoping the problems will go away. This mentality has never worked, it is action that is needed.

Politicians must know truck drivers can’t agree on anything otherwise they would not be making all these ignorant judgments. Politicians should be worried about truck drivers, we are somewhere around eight million CDL holders. Maybe we should get the government to put in a CB Radio. Drivers act like they’re not scared to say anything over the CB Radio. A telephone is not much different and writing an email or a letter is even easier, and you get a little more personal.

We need to change this notion that the politicians have about us. We are eight million strong, that would pull a lot of weight if each of us would do our part. Look at how powerful the US Army is. We are almost fourteen times bigger than the US army. That makes us a “Super Power” if we could all just agree and then follow through.

We could damn near get anything we wanted if we were to stick together and it would be relatively easy. The politicians would have no choice but to listen to us. In comparison, it would be like the politicians firing a twenty-two caliber bullet at us and we would return fire with a nuke. Even counting just the 3.5 million active CDL holders – we still hold power to cause change in this country that would be unbelievable. Think about it.

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  1. Stubby T Slapnutt says:

    Drivers will only get ahead, when they come together. Speaking face to face we get along pretty well. I have had many interesting, informative driver to driver conversations. But get behind a cb mike and it’s SHUT UP STUPID !


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