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OK, so I am back again. I removed the previous post because there was much flack raised saying it was nothing more than a recruitment act. Well, I did not want that when I wrote the article, so I figured I would remove it and rewrite a new article.

Let me first say, this is a good game to get in too. If, you have ever wondered what it was like to be a truck driver. I just wished that OMAC would get on the ball and add something new to the game. There has been lot’s of great suggestion’s that surely could not be that hard to incorporate into the game. OK, let’s get back on track here now.

Once, you got to Trukz – A trucking simulation game cite, you must create a free account. Once you have done this, the game will says you need to purchase a truck. DON’T do this, this step will come later. First, thing to do is to go to the Trukz bank and borrow $1000.00, this will give you $6500.00 to start with, Once, you are ready to buy a truck….buy the White 89 Volvo it by far is the best “starter truck”. By, now you most likely have received a few recruitments letters. Read them all, and go with the best one you choose. But, defiantly choose a company who offers the truck purchase discount.

Now that you have chosen a company, you can buy the discounted truck. If it is a half way descent company then you should have received a PM, telling you some tips on the game and how it is played, and if they have any contracts they are running, especially if it was in your area.

Just if they did not send any tips, then here you go.
1.) NEVER HAUL GENERAL MERCHANDISE – when you are ready to haul your first load, you click select route and General Merchandise will be listed first. Click on the drop down box and select anything else. It will always pay less than anything else listed.
2.) Always make sure you are loaded legally on the weight, you can and will most usually get an over – weight ticket if you are not legal. It’s just not worth it.
3.) Never speed more than five mph over the speed limit or over the top weather speed limit. All you are doing is risking a speeding ticket or crashing. Sometimes you can get by with it, and sometimes you are busted. It’s not worth it, in the long run as it cuts into your driver rating, which is needed in this game to survive. I have never been busted for five mph over.
4.) Fueling – keep an eye on your fuel, when you reach 40% or less start looking for cheap fuel. If none is found then buy just enough to get by with until you do see cheap fuel. Cheap fuel is $1.85 to $1.95..I have seen it as high as $3.18.
5.) Buy a CB radio as soon as you can. This will allows you to communicate with your company to get quick answers for any questions you may have.
6.) The GPS unit that is offered for sale, is not worth the money to me. It adds no significant value to the game. It is only for looks.
7.) Once you can afford it, BUY TIRES for your truck. This will increase the over all performance and will speed up your truck.
8.) If the company does not have any contracts then run short routes, somewhere among 800 miles to 1000 miles, until you can upgrade your truck. If you jump on a route that is 3000 miles or farther, then you will be late for the load and this will cost you money. The starter trucks do not go fast enough to do long trips.

I hope some of these tips will help you to succeed in being the best Trukz driver you can.

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  2. bong says:

    6.) The GPS unit that is offered for sale, is not worth the money to me. It adds no significant value to the game. It is only for looks.

    What kind of backyard junker trailer you haulin', buddy?
    Why don't you get with the times, son, and use a lil' "teckno gee" to spruce up your coup!

  3. Skill Gaming says:

    The quality of the info is what keeps me on this site, thanks!


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