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Before you go getting all upset, at me for writing this. Please take the time to actually read all of this-post. And yes I have always supported this, but I am beginning to fall towards the non supporting side.

So, I would like for someone to explain to me why this bill is needed so bad. If I read the bill right, it will only be for 20 million dollars per year for five years, and each state must apply for this money. I know I have heard others say, well it is a start. Must be because 20 million is not a lot of money, when it comes to construction to build parking lots.

Also, where is this money coming from? I keep seeing the ones that support this saying “No more Trucker Deaths” how is this going to stop truck drivers from being killed by random acts of violence? I’m sorry, but in the last four deaths, including Jason Rivenburg, how would this bill have helped?

All four drivers were not in a public parking places, one was at an abandoned gas station, one was on an exit ramp in California, one was in another parking place that was just a pull off according to the report in California, and one happened in broad daylight up near Chicago, along the inter state.

Yes, there is a need for more parking. I know this post will bring some mean thoughts towards me, but at this point I really don’t care. These questions need answers. Just by saying this will keep truckers from dying because of random acts of violence is preposterous at least. Yes, if parking security and upgrading parking lots with fences were applicable, and there was enough money to do it I could maybe see that it was needed.

Also, all truck drivers do not park in truck stops, Jason’s Uncle even said he didn’t like to park at truck stops that he preferred to be by himself. Seems like the conceal and carry bill would have been a better one to try and get passed. And before you “haters” turn this into a @Truckdrivernews is bashing Hope Rivenburg again-post. I want you to know I have called and talked to my Senators and Representatives all along, I’ve emailed them as well to try to get them on this bill.

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21 Responses to HR2156 Why is it needed

  1. Randy says:

    People keep perceiving the bill as being a fix all to the problem. They can’t take it as being a pilot/study program to see what might be the most effective way to provide safe and secure parking for truckers. Yeah, 20 million dollars wouldn’t go a long way to expanding and upgrading facilities but that isn’t what this is about. Would they rather just not have anyone look at the issue? Plus it’s coming out of general transportation funds. Would they rather have it spent on landscaping to improve highway appearances? The money will get spent somewhere whether they like it or not. I don’t understand why they’re so adamant that it not be spent towards the benefit of truckers instead of flowers.

    I do agree with one thing though, the conceal and carry bill would have gone a long way to help truckers protect themselves and it only failed to pass by a small margin. That still isn’t any excuse not to look at other ways to improve the security of resting truckers though.

    I see a lot of folks berating this bill based on some minor points. Don’t know whether it’s out of jealousy because they’re not the main ones involved in the issue or what but I bet a lot of them just whine about most everything just for the heck of it.

    • Thanks for the comment (Randy), you did save this post because I was getting ready to can it, as it appeared no one could answer some questions. As I have said all along I do supported this bill, by calling my senators and trying to get them on board, and by writing a few articles trying to get the word out.

      Funny, the answers you have given are not what I see people that fully support it saying. Thanks for not repeating the “canned” messages that seem to fly everywhere about this bill. If people reading can believe I truly did not write this to start trouble, these are just some of the questions I have been asked, and I couldn’t answer.

      • Randy says:

        Thanks, I think it isn’t so much the folks supporting it not saying what it represents as it is those harping about it making it out to be more/less than it is. In one breath they’ll complain about how it isn’t enough to fix things and then turn right around and say that it’s only a pilot program. All they’re doing is throwing enough fluff out there to confuse the issue, either out of ignorance or on purpose, who knows. They need a hobby.

        Folks just need to go read the bill. It’s short and clear.

        • Thanks again, yea I agree everyone needs a hobby! LOL! But, some people just look at the over-all picture and try to figure out if its worth it or not. A lot like myself not out on the road anymore, have a little different view now. But explaining what the bill exactly is for and not trying to “sugar coat” it to get it passed is the best policy IMO, if outsiders to the industry are to be won over.

          Of course many truck drivers are going to jump on board so to speak, as it “looks” like it is a bill to get more parking, which it is but it will take time if it is put into law. I’m trying to say it wouldn’t be instantly as many are portraying it to be.

          The questions I asked are not just fluff, and I am not trying to confuse anyone, just looking at it from another angle, to get more information about the bill. As with many people including myself we are lazy and don’t like to look thing’s up, although since writing I have learned you must research to get the truth.

          Thanks again, and it does truly sound like a good bill, but if it is to be taken serious then it needs to be broken down and explained to people in easy to comprehend sections. The link you provided helps a lot.

  2. Asia Reeves (Diesel Lady) says:

    Why must we always run to the government for help when we have problems? We don’t make enough money so we immediately think “welfare”. We can’t afford child care so we opt for “head start”. We simply want the government to solve all of our problems no matter how big or small and we never go to the one person who who really can come up with a solution….ME, YOU, US!!!!

    • Randy says:

      Actually we are coming up with the solution in a way. The government will spend the transportation funds as they see fit unless you give them your input. Doubtful that we can come up with the funds on our own to implement such and there probably wouldn’t be much success in encouraging truck stops to pursue it on their own either. Like it or not, our transportation infrastructure exists because of government money and there isn’t anything wrong with helping them apply it in a manner that can be beneficial to those that use it to keep this country’s supply lines moving.

      Who do you trust most to decide how your tax dollars are spent? Yourself or government bureaucrats?

      As far as welfare and programs that encourage and grow dependency, I agree completely with you there.

  3. Asia Reeves (Diesel Lady) says:

    (Accidently hit the enter button before finishing last post).

    What’s wrong with truck drivers coming up with a way to make themselves feel safe without an unnecessary tax on an already over taxed industry. I mean, do you like to just give your money to the government for no reason at all? Don’t they take enough already and mismanage what they receive? Instead of looking at what Congress can do for you, look at what YOU CAN DO TO CHANGE THE SITUATION.

    I’ve done my homework because this issue is important to me. I have been on a quest for months now gathering information from drivers, trucking companies, and customers and you wanna know the number one reason they don’t let us park…WE THROW TRASH EVERYWHERE AND DESTROY THEIR PROPERTY!!!!!

    I took the liberty of calling quite a few city officials to ask why truck restriction laws were passed. I got a few people to actually talk to me and they all said the same thing….IMAGE! The problem doesn’t lie with the public being hostile against us, it lies with our inability to appreciate people when they DO allow us to park. Over the years, I have seen several places that used to allow me to park my truck but did away with it simply because of a few select drivers. One particular Walmart in Ohio stopped truckers from parking because a truck driver dumped what looked like 2 weeks worth of feces and urine on their parking lot. The manager told me after that, no more truck parking. That was one of my favorite locations to stop at and get supplies. We were allowed to park there for almost 15 years before that incident. Another place in OH stopped us from parking on the street when a trucker swept the debris from his trailer on the ground. It was a huge mess and the customer had to hire someone to come and clean it up. A movie theater stopped us due to truckers leaving beer bottles in the parking lot (caught on camera). Several businesses complain of drivers destroying their property (flowers, fences, poles, etc) even when they had enough room to maneuver. We create huge dips in asphalt and dirt lots causing puddles when it rains. Some people even told me that their area started attracting “prostitutes” when they learned truckers were sleeping there overnight. The list goes on and on. Now do you see where a big percentage of the parking problem lies? Yes…WITH TRUCK DRIVERS!

    Instead of Jason’s Law, try “The Truckers Image Campaign” and see what kind of publicity you get. Thank the already millions of people who allow truck parking. Make a purchase to show your appreciation. Get together with trucking companies, customers, and advocate groups and see what kind of response you get. I’ll be it will be a positive one. If lawmakers and the public see that we are really trying to “CLEAN UP OUR ACT”, they might not be so quick to pass restricted parking laws and rules. CHANGE STARTS AT HOME.


    • You bring up some very good points. Thank you for adding them. But, if Jasons law were to become law, wouldn’t this stop the prostitutes? As for the disgusting fact that truckers do put out pee bombs and feces bags, this I believe has taken the image down for truck drivers too.

      Especially when dumpsters are in place. I understand an “emergency stop” too, sometimes in parking areas there are no proper rest rooms, problem is most are even too lazy to “cover it up” or dispose of it later.

      I am not a fan of the government stepping in, but I believe in this day and time we may need them to step up, and what Randy has said I believe is a good thing as maybe we can at least point them in the right direction.

      But, again we must as people in the industry try and do our part as well.

      • Randy says:

        Unless you can convince the government to return some of the fuel taxes you pay every time you fill up that money is already in their hands. The only way you can get that back is to influence how they spend it. Use it or loose it.

        A campaign to encourage the small percentage of truckers that give the rest a bad name to clean up their act is great idea. It only takes a small number of incidents to ruin it for all. Knowing human nature it will take a lot of self-policing by all to bring this about and change will be slow.

        A lot of business parking lots are not designed for the weight of heavy trucks sitting static and making tight turns on hot pavement. Drivers may need to not use small parking lots and try to stick to only large ones such as those at Walmarts. This again limits the amount of available parking though.

        Prostitutes? If you see truckers that are patronizing them determine what you can do to get them to stop. I think this might be an uphill battle if you depend on truckers alone for this.

        Improving the image of truckers is a good project and a worthy one but it will have to be backed with actions and actual changes, not just a publicity campaign. Today’s trucker is probably much more responsible and considerate of places they are allowed to park than those from 15-20 years ago but the problem still exists and the solution will probably be a long-term effort.

        The best bet is combining a lot of solutions to bring improvements about more quickly, HR 2156, improving the image of trucking, changing behaviors, all can be part of a package for rapid improvement.

  4. Kathy Hagle says:

    My two cents worth, knowing civics like I do. With the ” simple bill with less fluff” I see it as a huge concern. This leaves it open to a lot of add on’s later down the road. Yes, for the average person it is an easy read, but for law makers. an easy read means more ways to do spin offs on it.

    That is the major concern with me, and so far I have ether been labeled as not in the know or just negative as I didn’t line up and support this bill right way. It isn’t who started the bill that I am against. But people seem to want to make others who have honest concerns into enemies. Honestly I am getting tired of that, there needs to be open forum in this. Both the positives of the bill, as well as it’s short comings.

    Transportation funds, sad to say folks isn’t just for trucking. As the word transportation involves more then that in a general term. Transportation is trains, ships, walk ways, as well as highways and trucking. So to say that trucking needs the funds and other groups don’t, doesn’t make sense to law makers. I know I am playing the devil’s advocate here. But to have a bill that will hold up to the wild actions of the law makers now we need a solid bill, not one which brings warm fuzzies.

    Also like I have mentioned before I will state here, to really get the needed parking. There needs to be more then just a law, as a law doesn’t change peoples images of others. We have a huge image issue in the trucking industry. Super truckers, porn, CB talk have done a huge disservice to truckers in general. We need to clean up our act, stop the dirty talk, dirty habits, and negative views of the general public.

    Share the road comes to mind here. Like it or not the “four wheelers” drive on the interstates,and are near the shippers and receivers docks. If we have this nasty view of them we will not win hearts. As honestly could you tell me you would want your house to against a truck stop or the like at this time. Sadly, I am not to sure of it. Between crime ( which places like adult shops encourage ), nasty habits, and traffic issues. It sounds like high noises, and crime would be in my backyard.

    The nosies I am use too, as I have spend time on my husband’s truck and in his travels. But the smells, and physical leftovers are way too much for me at times. I have stories on this but will not go there. So we first need to look in the mirror seriously as truckers and families. What are we showing the American public? What are we showing the organizations already in place by yelling at them, and creating “new” groups. We need to work together in true unity, not the fluff and stuff that is being spread out now. I have been saying this for awhile, and honestly I am not out to be popular. But I will repeat this until I turn blue, as it is what is really what is needed.

    • Randy says:

      Is safe, available parking a non-issue?

      • Randy says:

        That comment is meant for all, not just kathy.

      • Asia Reeves (Diesel Lady) says:

        What is safe parking, Randy? Is it when I’m parked in a secured lot with security and a stray bullet from a road rage or domestic violence incident suddenly shoots through my cab killing me instantly? Is that the safe parking you speak of? Tell me, how does Jason’s Law prevent that? Or better yet, how would it have prevented the 4 gunshots I heard 100 feet away from my truck in Alabama while parked at a Kmart? This happened in a shopping center area, well lit, with patrolling law enforcement. I felt safe that night and yet a young girl was still killed. My question to you is this: Is safe, available parking a guarantee of survival? That question/comment is also meant for all and not just Kathy.

        • Randy says:

          You basically just said that if an improvement can’t result in a 100% guarantee of sucess that it isn’t worthy of consideration. Let’s say that 2 deaths are prevented anually by improvements in parking availability and or security. Would that be significant?

          And I’m not tryng to convince you to support the bill through this, I believe you have already made your decision on it. But I do want to communicate information about it that may clear up misconceptions and clarify what is really the content of the bill.

  5. Randy says:

    Is safe, available parking a non-issue?

    This comment is meant for all, not just Kathy

  6. Asia Reeves (Diesel Lady) says:

    The answer is not more taxes but better management of funds. Hold lawmakers accountable for wasteful spending.

    • Randy says:

      That is nearly what I said above. There is not a tax increase associated with this. You are already paying this money to the government through your fuel taxes and it is allocated in the Highway Trust Fund. The application of these funds is decided through actions such as this bill and the funds will be used somewhere else if they are not used here. You will pay taxes to this whether you choose to actively pursue their use for your benefit or not. Taking action to promote the practical use of these funds is holding lawmakers accountable. Let them play on their own and we’ll wind up with multi-flora roses all along the Interstate highways again.

      • gloria says:

        Randy, You ask if safe , available parking is a non issue . No it is an issue , and one that needs to be addressed logically . I have copied the main portion of the bill to here for discussion points .


        (a) Establishment- In cooperation with appropriate State, regional, and local governments, the Secretary of Transportation shall implement a pilot program to address the shortage of long-term parking for commercial motor vehicles on the National Highway System.

        (b) Allocation of Funds-

        (1) IN GENERAL- The Secretary of Transportation shall allocate funds made available to carry out this section among States, metropolitan planning organizations, and local governments.

        (2) APPLICATIONS- To be eligible for an allocation under this section, a State (as defined in section 101(a) of title 23, United States Code), metropolitan planning organization, or local government shall submit to the Secretary an application at such time and containing such information as the Secretary may require.

        (3) ELIGIBLE PROJECTS- Funds allocated under this subsection shall be used by the recipient for projects described in an application approved by the Secretary. Such projects shall serve the National Highway System and may include the following:

        (A) Constructing safety rest areas (as defined in section 120(c) of title 23, United States Code) that include parking for commercial motor vehicles.

        (B) Constructing commercial motor vehicle parking facilities adjacent to commercial truck stops and travel plazas.

        (C) Opening existing facilities to commercial motor vehicle parking, including inspection and weigh stations and park-and-ride facilities.

        (D) Promoting the availability of publicly or privately provided commercial motor vehicle parking on the National Highway System using intelligent transportation systems and other means.

        (E) Constructing turnouts along the National Highway System for commercial motor vehicles.

        (F) Making capital improvements to public commercial motor vehicle parking facilities currently closed on a seasonal basis.

        (G) Improving the geometric design of interchanges on the National Highway System to improve access to commercial motor vehicle parking facilities.

        (4) PRIORITY- In allocating funds made available to carry out this section, the Secretary shall give priority to applicants that–

        (A) demonstrate a severe shortage of commercial motor vehicle parking capacity in the corridor to be addressed;

        (B) have consulted with affected State and local governments, community groups, private providers of commercial motor vehicle parking, and motorist and trucking organizations; and

        (C) demonstrate that their proposed projects are likely to have positive effects on highway safety, traffic congestion, or air quality.

        (c) Report to Congress- Not later than 3 years after the date of enactment of this Act, the Secretary of Transportation shall submit to Congress a report on the results of the pilot program.

        (d) Funding-

        (1) IN GENERAL- There is authorized to be appropriated from the Highway Trust Fund (other than the Mass Transit Account) to carry out this section $20,000,000 for each of fiscal years 2010 through 2015.

        (2) CONTRACT AUTHORITY- Funds authorized under this subsection shall be available for obligation in the same manner as if the funds were apportioned under chapter 1 of title 23, United States Code, except that such funds shall not be transferable and shall remain available until expended, and the Federal share of the cost of a project under this section shall be determined in accordance with sections 120(b) and 120(c) of such title.

        (e) Treatment of Projects- Notwithstanding any other provision of law, projects funded under this section shall be treated as projects on a Federal-aid system under chapter 1 of title 23, United States Code.

        In subsection (a) it clearly states that these funds will be made available for allocation to STATE , REGIONAL , and LOCAL government bodies . Not Truckstop chains , not private individuals , and no shippers or receivers either . While reading and researching I also read Chapter 1 , title 23 of the federal aid system code . This is a must read to see just who and what it will benefit . please see below…

        23 USC 103 – Federal-aid systems
        Tue, 12/22/2009 – 16:40 — caselaw
        (a) In General.—
        For the purposes of this title, the Federal-aid systems are the Interstate System and the National Highway System.

        (b) National Highway System.—

        (1) Description.—
        The National Highway System consists of the highway routes and connections to transportation facilities depicted on the map submitted by the Secretary to Congress with the report entitled Pulling Together: The National Highway System and its Connections to Major Intermodal Terminals and dated May 24, 1996. The system shall

        (A) serve major population centers, international border crossings, ports, airports, public transportation facilities, and other intermodal transportation facilities and other major travel destinations;
        (B) meet national defense requirements; and
        (C) serve interstate and interregional travel.

        If you look under subsections 120(b) and (c) the share the federal government will pay is anywhere from 80% to 95% , the grantee must pay the remainder , so this isn’t strictly , 100% federal funded . I do believe that touting this bill as safer trucker parking is definitely a misnomer . It is however a chance at increased trucker parking along the nations highways .

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  8. Since Donna Smith wants to run to Disarray’s blog to make comments about this blog, then this is directed at her. Funny for her to go and say this is a “Flip Flop Trucker Blog”. As her own husband’s blog has turned into one of the most flip flopped blogs around. Especially after the other night with the show about getting a job.

    And Donna is I’m sure the one mostly doing the flip flopping, as she can’t decide for herself on any issue. She has to consult with other members of hers and Disarray’s clique.

    She and Disarray both believe that OOIDA gave me my membership, even though they have both been told numerous times that is not true. I can produce a canceled check if you two idiots like?

    Anyway, back to the comments on this post, plainly speaking this is a “feel good bill” and it will more than likely get passed anyway. Bills of this nature usually do, look at the bill now law in NJ about ice on trailers, another prime example of a “feel good law”. It makes lawmakers look good to pass such laws, even if they are a waste of time.

  9. Randy says:

    We had an excellent live discussion with Congressman Paul Tonko concerning HR 2156 that I believe will answer a lot of people’s concerns and questions about this bill. I invite everyone to listen you can go to Blog Talk Radio [dot] com and search for “Congressman Paul Tonko on Jason’s Law.”


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