I give up, I quit, not worth the bother


Well, some people will probably like hearing me say this. So it is official, I QUIT! and will NEVER appear on Twitter again! So if you want to remove @Truckdrivernews, @Newsfortruckers, and @FlatBrokeTruckn, they are all one and the same, they do not exist anymore. Oh, and by the way, I will not be like TJ Graff, and say “I am throwing in the towel”  just for sympathy. I will not be back!

I have been a  truck driver for 14+ years, and recently was disqualified for hearing loss, and ambulatory problems.  So I have taken the liberty of helping a few of you out. But, I guess once you quit driving other drivers soon forget you. I have quit with the advocating stuff, it’s not worth it to me, I could care less if you drivers get what you want. It does not matter to me anymore. I will, however, continue to throw a post or two up on this site.  As far as any news concerns go, this Blog will remain, so if you still want to follow this Blog then do so. Since I have removed all my Twitter accounts, you will no longer be seeing any announcements of new Posts, from me, by way of  Twitter.

There are too many advocates in the trucking industry, or I should say “Wannabe trucking advocates”, that too many drivers fall victim of listening to.  They are only in it for the “FAME”, so to speak, or otherwise would be doing more than just copying others.

Now there are some, who are advocates, and are good at what they do. You go and listen to their programs and end up learning some things, BUT then you get a product shoved in your face to buy. Then you come to realize this is the ONLY reason they are doing what they do.

Then you have the true advocates, who also do a radio program, this ONE advocate alone has helped a lot in the industry here recently. Without naming names, you know who you are. I thank you for what you have done.

Anyway, back to the topic here, my last post on here really fired some people up. Well, not really,  just a select few on Twitter,  as I like to refer to them as the “Clique”. You know who you are, you constantly reply to, and RT each other’s tweets or posts on one another’s blogs. You have also tried to push drivers into donating money to send Jason’s Law to a Truck Show.

You ended up getting the money from an “Anonymous Donor”, but I really think I know where it came from. I think you had it planned that the money would be donated “anonymously” in the end, just to make it look good. But I will not say for sure, as it would only be speculation and start another “pissing match”. IMO, a couple in this “Clique” I keep referring to, are just looking for “FAME”, or trying to sell something.

Rumors, that I have heard, are that Jason’s Law and the “organization” will be easy to spot at the Truck Show, as they will all be in matching shirts, that say “Trucker App” on them.

In closing I just want to say, if you don’t like me or what I write, then DON’T COME BACK, simple as that!  If you DO like me, and my writing, then you are always welcome on my Blog. And lastly, Daniel Audet (The TruckSTAR) take your “Love ya!” and stick it in your ass!

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