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  1. TJ Graff says:

    Upon reading this latest posting and having a telephone conversation with Jason here at TruckDriverNews … I find it appalling for an accusation the I, or GoTruckStop.com, is NOT acting in an honest manner.

    Jason, you are not privy to the emails and updates, on a daily basis, as to the total amount of funds raised, that I have sent … not only to Hope Rivenburgh, but to other key players involved in the endeavor.

    Why have I update Hope and others? To maintain “transparency” and to keep everything above board.

    You see, I value my reputation, my honesty and integrity within the trucking industry. The risk that GoTruckStop.com has in not being above board far outweighs the benefits of “stealing” even $1.00.

    GoTruckStop.com has an outstanding reputation within the trucking industry and and amongst on-line retailers.

    For anyone to attempt to besmirch that reputation goes over the line.

    GoTruckStop.com’s involvement with Hope Rivenburgh and the Jason’s Law organization came about from reading several articles both on-line and in trucking pubs, and from various posts on blogs and trucking forums.

    When we read a post by Hope Rivenburgh wondering if there was a way to have Jason’s Law attend the Great American Trucking Show in Dallas, TX, Aug 20th-22nd it became clear to me that GoTruckStop.com should step up and offer our booth at the GATS show. (There will always be other trucking shows for GoTruckStop.com … but that the timing was right for Jason’s Law.)

    And in fact, you whole heartedly supported the efforts of many here within the on-line and Twitter communities to support these efforts.

    (However, sir, it was NOT your idea to create the fundraising … as you have stated. (But if you would like to take the credit … to help you feel better … go right ahead.))

    The sacrifices that many have endured in this fund raising venture to have Jason’s Law attend the GATS show are too numerous to mention. And I as a fellow fund raiser for this effort, I wish to thank ALL that have helped … either with financial contributions, by posting links to our fundraising page at GoTruckStop.com, or by those re-tweeting messages about Jason’s Law or the fundraising efforts.

    As far as GATS not being the proper forum for Jason’s Law to attend … I can not think of a better event to attend to get out the word for public and legislative support for Jason’s Law. Hope Rivenburgh and her organization have the ability to meet over 20,000 attendees in 3 days, have the ability to have “live” interviews on XM & Sirius radio, have the opportunity to meet with many within the trucking media — FACE to FACE, and have the ability to garner more support from an industry that other than through blog postings here and there , may not know about Jason’s Law and the benefits it can bring to the the professional trucker … and the motoring public.

    After reading your blog post here, it is apparent that you simply copied the ideas of a few malcontents within the industry, specifically at Expeditorsonline.com. In fact, you copied verbatim, a poster’s words … attributing them as your own. (Smacks of plagiarism to me, eh?)

    Jason, I truly feel sorry for your change of heart … but may I refer you to a “code” that I live by that I found on the Internet … known as the “Retro-Sexual Code”
    #29 …

    A Retro-sexual man doesn’t need a contract — a handshake is good enough.

    He will always stand by his word even if circumstances change or the other person deceived him.

    Jason, it appears that you may have never read the “Retro-Sexual Code” … or you simply don’t care.

    • TJ, thanks for commenting. As far as our Telephone conversation went, you forgot to mention that it lasted ONLY until YOU started cursing me, and calling me names. Then I hung up on you.

      TJ, why AREN’T we privy to the emails and updates (in your own words) on how much money has been raised? But, it was NEVER intended that this POST was meant to question the morals, ethics, or intentions of either you or gotruckstop.com. As a matter of fact, it was intentionally pointed out just how generous you are being by the donations (your booth space and your time), and all efforts you have made.

      As for your comment about GATS being the best place for Hope Rivenburg and her Organization to get the word out, I would say the BEST and most EFFECTIVE place for her and the “organization”, would be in Washington.

      Who goes to truck shows, such as GATS? Truck Drivers, and people within the trucking industry! People, who already know what this bill is about. These are the people that DON’T need to be sold on Jason’s Law.

      That is WHERE “preaching to the choir” came from, since you THINK I just copied my entire post from Expeditorsonline.com where you were told over and over again the same thing.

      Also, as for the IDEA of getting Hope To the GATS truck show, this was in FACT, my own idea. A few days BEFORE that, Donna, with askthetrucker.com, did her post on 7/12/09 ( http://www.askthetrucker.com/ata-and-ooida-supports-jasons-law-will-they-sponsor-hope-rivenburg/ ) asking if OOIDA and ATA were going to support getting Hope Rivenburg to GATS. You then, posted a link in your comments to your donation website. Desiree and Myself, discussed this before our very first BTR radio show that we did on 07/05/09 at 5:00 PM, which was a show on Jason’s Law. Desiree mentions, towards the end of the program, which is archived so ALL can listen to it, that it would be a good idea to get Hope and Mr. Hardendorff to the GATS truck show, something we had discussed before that show.

      Again, as for Hope getting live interviews on XM and Sirius radio shows, this would still be “preaching to the choir” as these shows would be “Trucking shows” that Truck Drivers listen to. They, again, already know the unsafe parking situations out on the road.

      As for the term “Retro-sexual code” that you mention, I’m not sure what this means so, I had to Google it, (see http://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?defid=873143&term=retrosexual ) . The top response in Google brought up the “Urban Dictionary’s top 25 definitions of this word”. I’m hoping that you were not citing ANY of those definitions. And I’m REALLY hoping that you weren’t referring to either definition #13 OR #14! But, I’m hoping that what you meant to say is that your “word is your bond” or that you consider a handshake all that is needed for a mutual agreement. However, I still can’t imagine HOW to shake somebody’s hand over the internet.

      • TJ Graff says:

        Truckdriversnews said … “I still can’t imagine HOW to shake somebody’s hand over the internet.”


        And you probably never will.

      • Renee says:

        TruckDriverNews’s own words on 7/12/09 at AskTheTrucker.com , http://tinyurl.com/mzgh3p …
        “GREAT POST Donna! Glad to see somebody calling out, some of these big organizations to put some money where there mouths are so to speak. I think it is a fantastic idea, OOIDA alone has 160,000+ members at .50 a member, is way more than enough plus it is for a VERY good cause!”

        It seems to me Jason, that make decisions and post your words based upon sticking your finger in the air and seeing which way the wind is blowing !!

        You act more like a politician than some of the politicians in Washington…

        Or …

        is it that you just want to be liked and accepted by someone … since you’ve flaked out on many within the Twitter, PodCast and Blogging communities?

        (Like last Sunday re: Picken’s Proposal podcast where you flaked out just hours before the podcast, hmmmm? (Taken your medication lately?)

  2. Flipside says:

    Whether or not you agree with Jason, to get upset with someone because they changed their point of view and point to the Retro, are you not following the same point? I am not sure as to what to feel about the situation with Rivenburg. We all know it is not always safe, but did he not park in an abandoned gas station so he could be closer to the reciever? I may not be a smart man, but I do understand that sometimes your schedule is hard to keep with a normal park time. I also know, if he was that early, he could have parked someplace else, and just gotten up earlier and been safe. I am not making an excuse for anyone or trying to justify what has happened. I feel for his family, and I wonder when I drive by and see these trucks parked in questionable areas. I am on my way to a safe place, well, safer place. I do support getting more safe places to park, but I also think it is just as important to practice safe habits. Maybe I do not get unloaded with all the hours in the world, or run the time of day I want to, but I do what I have to do in order to better my chances of coming home every chance I can. Maybe if nothing else comes out of this, drivers will learn to better trip plan, and not always go for the green but instead follow the safe and smart way. Let us not throw insults out to each other, let us try to build and learn from this tragedy. Why does life knock you down? So you will learn to pick yourself back up. And that is a quote from Batman, so as not to be accused of plagerism, I do know where I got it from!

  3. I Care says:

    Personally, I donated to this:

    Jason Rivenburg Memorial Fund
    c/o Trustco Bank 1900 Altamont Ave.
    Rotterdam, NY 12303

    Because that way my money went directly to the familly and children.

    Will a lot of legislators or lobbyists be at the truck show or something?

    • TJ Graff says:

      “I care” … thank you for your contribution. It is greatly appreciated.

      • I Care says:

        You don’t need to thank me. I’m not looking for thanks. I wanted to make people aware of a legitimate alternative to help the Rivenburgs.

        After reading what you’ve said to and about other truckers all over the net, I wouldn’t donate to your PayPal account no matter what.

        You can say it’s Rivenburg’s cause all you want, I just plain don’t believe you. You’ve been so mean and rude to other people, I simply doubt you’re the kind of person who really gives a rat’s patoot about Hope or her children. You’re doing it for the attention, I think.

        Folks, donate directly to Hope herself through the Rivenburg Memorial Fund. I called the bank, I know it’s legit. Send your money there.

        She can decide for herself how she wants to use it. I hope she puts herself on a plane to DC and gets face time with Congress. That’s who needs convincing, not other truckers.

        We’re out here every day, we already know there’s a problem. It’s our lawmakers who need to be made aware, so that’s why I ask, are there going to be a lot of legislators at GATS?

        I’ve been to plenty of truck shows, I don’t recall seeing a bunch of Congress people wandering around them.

        • Calvin says:

          I Care said, After reading what you’ve said to and about other truckers all over the net, I wouldn’t donate to your PayPal account no matter what.

          It doesn’t look like you or others will have to. I just read on another blog that over $2800 was raised to get Jasons Law to GATS.

          Way to go !! And thats without OOIDA or ATA .. whooop whoooop !!

          I understand OOIDA doesnt even want Hope at GATS. How come? Afraid that she will dare speak the truth about all the truckin organizations all being bed with each other?

          As Sgt Schultz on Hogan’s Heroes used to say .. “very interesting”.

          • I am glad they were able to get the donations up. I am saddened that they are using them for the WRONG reasons. And then to turn around and send some of the donations back earlier today, makes NO sense.

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  6. Jason's Law says:

    We would like to thank all those who have donated for Jason’s Law to go to GATS, there are still many truck drivers and individuals unfamiliar with Jason’s Law and what it would and wouldn’t do, so this should help let drivers know so they can contact their representatives. Unfortunately we had a few people who donated and then decided they didn’t think we should go to GATS that DC would be better, but congress is on break during August so that would be fruitless unless we went to all 50 states to see them in their home districts so for now DC is not an option until Congressman Paul Tonko advises us to, there fore I requested their donations be refunded so there wouldn’t be the negativity. We are trying to help the trucking industry, not ourselves and all of us united together can and will make a difference. Thank you for your support and continued support as long as we all support the legislation the back and forth bickering should not be taking place, we all have the same goal, making Jason’s Law a reality.

    • Dennis Dearborne says:

      Dear Hope Rivenburg,

      I use the word “dear” because I’m very sympathetic emotionally to what you are enduring. You must have incredible strength!

      No matter what is or has been conveyed to you, concerning my reasons for contributing to the original post above, I have – and continue to – support Jason’s Law, getting you to GATS, and the generosity of ALL of those supporting the contribution efforts. I even include myself as one of those people, as I was one who not only extensively apostilized the effort (on Twitter @HiTech_Trucker and other forums) but also was a contributor via gotruckstop.com.

      As far as “Congress being on break thru August”, GATS doesn’t even occur itself until the end of August either. Nonetheless, I’ve never meant to be taken as trivializing an appearance by Hope Rivenburg at GATS, but moreso, to highlight my belief that I would PREFER that monies be spent getting her to DC. AND, what more important component to the success of Jason’s Law’s intent (safe and secure parking for truckers) could we think of than Congress? Although, I do have to take a moment to give some of my thoughts as to the “brow-beating” of a couple of other major players in the political arena – OOIDA and the ATA!

      Does anyone really think that they could elicit a response from OOIDA or the ATA by “shaming them”? Well shame on anyone having that rationale! It is one thing to “support” an effort (like Jason’s Law), and yet an entirely different matter to expect them to use membership money to get you (Hope Rivenburg) to an audience that just wouldn’t be as effective as Congress itself! THIS is a role where OOIDA and the ATA would be of best service to ALL truckers! OOIDA’s role, in representing truckers, should not be besmirched nor underestimated. They are an ALLY, not someone to be shamed! If they weren’t already “shackled” by internal policies, I would have to COMMEND them for their restraint and silence!

      I DO still believe that getting you to DC is the most effective way to really make something happen! Even AFTER Jason’s Law is passed, as virtually anyone even remotely connected with the Legislative process could tell you, absolutely NOTHING will happen towards the effort of safe and secure parking for truckers until, at the very least, Congress has acted on the bill. Isn’t this, afterall, the ultimate GOAL of Jason’s Law? Witness just how many pre-built parking areas are “evaporating before our very eyes” as states close EXISTING Rest Areas because they simply can’t afford the MAINTENANCE! What might this tell you about the Government’s willingness to intercede by building ANY new safe and secure parking scenarios for the sake of us “lowly” truckers? Getting bills passed is a crucial step, but nothing’s gonna happen because of it (in the way of any new construction) in the near future.

      The ONLY “negativity” (as you mention above) that should be conceived as coming from me, concerning the original POST above, is that I feel any money gathered should go to you (Hope) directly and be used at your discretion. Financial support for your immediate family AND getting Jason’s Law in front of Congress, I feel are quite important.

      It really saddens me that you seem to believe that my “negativity” is viewed as counter-productive to “Getting Hope Rivenburg to GATS” AND that returning my donation would ERASE any of my “negativity”. This couldn’t be any further from the truth! I continue to be one of Jason’s Law’s staunchest advocates.

      As far as “the back and forth bickering should not be taking place”, I couldn’t agree with you more! Truckers fighting with other truckers really presents a poor image of our industry. These things SHOULD have been discussed privately, and not in public forums.

      However, even though TJ Graff has placed at least two phone calls, boardering right at the edge of slander -rude, at the very least!- he has failed to call ME (the co-author of the above post!) at all. How I’ve wished for the opportunity to talk with him personally. But please, recognize that the “bickering” started by the misinterpretation and mischaracterization of the original POST. In spite of Jason (Cox) and myself PRAISING TJ Graff (representing gotruckstop.com) for their generosity and efforts, he took it as a personal affront to him and/or their company. WHAT?? I have always supported the collection effort and it’s premise. But when I personally witnessed its ineffectiveness, I was compelled to rationalize the reasons. Many truckers, speaking with their silence, would seem to be in agreement. It took the “stepping up” of a last minute anonymous contributor to “rescue” the failed collection effort. Ask yourself WHY the overall response was so dismal? Surely it can’t just be as simple as “OOIDA’s lack of support” and the above original Post’s “Attack by a couple of wannabe Bloggers” being at the heart of responsibility! I view us only as Scapegoats!

      Bottom line, I resent my characterization as someone “attacking Jason’s Law” AND only giving “lip service” towards the efforts. I also resent my donation being returned, as I DO still remain in support of the bigger GOAL.

      I have always been deeply emotionally sympathetic to the grief that you must feel for your family’s loss.

      God Bless you Hope Rivenburg

  7. minature77 says:

    I guess I dont understand this industry. No wonder we have the reputation we have and no one cares what happens to us.We have a widow who is trying to do something good for us and we are more or less bashing her for trying to get the word out about proposed legislation. If in fact all drivers knew about this legislation, I didnt until a few days ago, and its as some have said, almost definate that its going to pass, why does it still sit in committee where it has since being introduced months ago, while others have been introduced and passed since then? Organizations that many of us belong to have lobbyist in Washington, yet the bills have not been passed yet, I dont understand it. Maybe enough of us arent educated on Jason’s law or know about it or these organizations that collect our membership fees dont really care about these bills because they werent the ones that got them introduced. Personally I dont think as many drivers know about it as we would like to think. I personally met some today while at Food Lion in Elloree SC. My biggest shock came when I found out that Jason Rivenburg had been killed just a few miles from there and drivers didnt know about it. So yeah I think we need to make sure we get the word out more, so more drivers know about HR 2156 and S 971, because we as drivers have the right to rest and feel safe. Ms. Rivenburg deserves credit, because she could have said to hell with this industry after her husband was killed but she has not and she has stepped up to the plate for us better then some have. If she wants to go to The Great American Trucking Show to get the word out to drivers, she most certainly should, at the very least it will give others a chance to thank her for efforts in person. If as she said some supported her going to the show then changed their minds and she refunded their money, she did the right thing. Had she not done that then it could have been said she was just taking peoples money, this way people cant say she used their monies in the wrong way. As for her using the money to go to Washington, it seems from what I have read her family has a pretty decent relationship with Congressman Tonko, the author of HR 2156, so I would imagine when the time is right for her to be there he will see to it, in the mean time she needs to get the word out to as many drivers as possible so they can contact their reps. One interesting tidbit I noticed when looking at HR 2156 on thomas.loc.gov, no Reps from Texas are co-sponsors for the bill, so maybe while she is at the show that will change. I dont know, we should be standing behind the Rivenburg family and supporting their effort to keep us safe on the road not trying to attack them for going to a major show in our industry so more of us know about it. Sorry for your loss Ms. Rivenburg and thank you for attempting to help us even though it might not seem like we appreciate it, keep up the fight and dont let others knock you down.

    • Did you actually read the previous reply before you commented?

      I have never seen or heard anyone “bash” Hope Rivenburg. I’ve also never seen or heard of anyone, trucker or otherwise, unsympathetic to Hope’s loss.

      Dennis and myself, have never said we did not support Jason’s Law or the Rivenburg family.


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