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I’m not going to take it anymore, are you

February 15, 2010 by Truckdrivernews · 1 Comment 

We drivers have seen many changes over the last few years that have adversely affected us and could endanger not only our lives, but also our livelihoods.

The new HOS, now under re-review, took away our flexibility to run our trucks in the safest manner for our own health and safety.

They did that by taking away the ability for us to nap when we are tired, wait out sunrise/sunset and rush hour traffic.

The anti-idling laws did not take into account that we have to take 10 hours off a day eight of, which is taken as a sleep period mandated by federal regulations and that we would have to do so in a non-heated or cooled truck oftentimes sitting in hot sun or frigid temperatures.

Now, based on faulty science and backed by special interest groups who will make millions off of them, the Medical Review Board has recommended to the FMCSA that they make sleep apnea testing mandatory based on BMI and that medical conditions a driver might have, even if treated, may actually take away the driver’s job.

I for one, am damned tired of it all and am going to fight them tooth and nail using their own laws that supposedly are there to protect Americans like me and every other trucker. To do this, it will take every driver you and I know to get involved because truthfully, these recommendations from the Medical Review Board are going to affect each and every one of us.

With the diversity of trucking, it is hard to find one specific thing that affects all drivers equally. What might affect a company driver might not affect an owner operator. What affects a company driver or o/o might not affect a union driver…the list goes on. These recommendations proposed to the FMCSA takes that diversity away and gives us all one thing to fight.

Are you tired of it all too? Are you tired of being thought to have given up your rights when you got your CDL? Are you tired of being treated like a second class citizen with no say in how you do your job? Are you tired of being discriminated against by special interest groups based on junk science, false statistics and sensationalism? Are you tired of not being able to rest comfortably in your truck? Are you tired of being thought of as being unsafe due to medical conditions that you are being treated for?

If you are, then STAND UP WITH ME and let’s fight this together! We are NOT going to strike that is counter productive, but we are going to organize an informational site to share information and we are going to be contacting every congressman and senator in the land to make them aware that we have had enough.

If they do not listen, then we may even file suit against the FMCSA under the Americans with Disability Act and EEOC laws because of the medical discrimination against us. Remember that numbers count in any effort to affect change in government so everyone needs to get involved.

This article was written by Sandy Long and was re-posted here with her permission. She has created a couple of groups on yahoo and on facebook, and has added TONS of information. You can visit and JOIN either by going to Truckers are people 2 yahoo group, or Truckers are people 2 facebook group.

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One Response to “I’m not going to take it anymore, are you”
  1. Bethany says:

    This is a good start… I agree on not striking, but we need to do more. And really, we need to take trucking back!


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