Is your job secure in the trucking industry…or in any industry in America


Is your job secure in the trucking industry today? I have been reading a lot here lately (it must be slow if I am taking time to read) about company’s closing their doors, or putting a freeze on hiring drivers, and or just laying drivers off.

I just read this Schneider National not hiring inexperienced drivers this is big news. They are pretty big in the industry, I wonder how long before the other big boys start this if they have not already.

I am sort of glad in a way to see this come though, as freight is short as it always is this time of year. Just seems this year is worse, than previous years I don’t know why unless it is because of the way the economy is. I am just feeling it worse I guess as is everybody.

I am hoping, along with a lot of other truck drivers that this is not another ploy to get Mexican drivers in! Is Schneider in cahoots with the government? The US Government seems to want to give our jobs away to the immigrants. I kinda hated to show that link, but peoples eyes need to be opened to junk like this!

Now, I for one am not racist at all. BUT, I feel if you are going to want to move to the USA then at least do it legally. Pay your taxes, and learn the language!

You, know a few years ago I applied for a state job here in Kentucky working for the road department. I know I am lazy, so I figured that was a great way to have to not work really hard and have good benefits. I was denied any job. But go down the road during the summer and look and see who is wearing the hard hats now! I felt really offended by this! I have 14+ years working as a Truck Driver and also a heavy equipment operator. But they hire a immigrant just because they have too!

A year ago I drove for a small dump truck company out of Tiffin, OH. We were laying some black top for Shelly Materials Inc up in Toledo, OH and they made us leave the job because we did not have any immigrants working for us. They brought in another company to finish the job! We were not allowed to dump our loads as we were turned around and told to take it back to the plant and dump it on the ground! The state of Ohio wasted so much money on this it’s no wonder they had to put a freeze on all the construction last year!

I now work for a fairly large bulk tanker company we have around 600 trucks. The work is pretty much seasonal, so I know this is why we are so slow. My shop/terminal in Kentucky has nothing to do, so we go to Michigan and work every week now.

Anyway, I hope all had a great Christmas, and I can only hope for a Better New Years!

Keep the shiny side up, and Truckim safe!

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