Kentucky 546 AA Highway new traffic signal Dec. 14


Another accident has yet brought us another traffic signal to the AA Highway in Kentucky.

In my opinion this probably won’t help a whole lot with accidents because they will still allow people to turn right on red.

People will still try to beat the tractor trailers, and people will still die from trying this.

This new light (traffic signal) is located at route 57 and KY 546 just east of Maysville, KY. and West of Vanceburg, KY. I am not sure if they have the blinking lights that tell you the light is going to change or not, hopefully they do. I just hate to see this in the fog because it gets really foggy at times near that intersection. Well, the whole road gets foggy, but in places it is worse than others.

This new signal starts working stop and go traffic Dec. 14th 2009. So, if you plan on traveling through this area please be careful. Here is a couple of images from Google maps to give you an idea of the location.

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