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Kill Someones American Dream – by Boycotting BP Gas Stations

June 19, 2010 by Truckdrivernews · Leave a Comment 

I understand the frustrations over the BP oil spill, but I don’t understand some people’s fight to “hurt” BP by boycotting the gas stations.

All these boy-cotters are doing is hurting/killing the American Dream for a lot of American small business entrepreneurs – who own a franchise of BP and are under contracts with BP to buy gas and diesel from the oil company.

Is that what you want to achieve by boycotting BP?

American Dream is defined as – a national mentality of the United States in which freedom includes a promise of prosperity and success. You are absolutely killing these American small business entrepreneurs – American Dream – by boycotting these BP gas stations. Of course these BP gas stations do have to buy their gas from BP oil per their contracts – but it is so insignificant because so many more products are made from “crude oil” than “gas” that we use everyday.

When crude oil is refined, it’s various chemical parts are separated and some become gasoline, some lubricants, some asphalt, and others the raw materials for plastics and rubber and many more things.

Common uses:

  • gasoline, diesel, propane (many people use propane to heat their homes), heating oil
  • asphalt, bitumen, tar
  • Found in everyday products:

  • plastic gadgets, tools, bags, toys
  • candles
  • clothing (polyester, nylon)
  • hand lotions
  • petroleum jelly
  • perfume
  • dish washing liquids
  • ink
  • bubble gums
  • car tires
  • ammonia
  • heart valves
  • There are many more products made after crude oil is refined.

    There are around 11,000 BP gas stations with BP only owning about 200 of them. The rest of the gas stations are owned and operated by small business owners. The only true boycott that would be effective is to boycott the product – crude oil. And as this list shows, there are many products we cannot do without. Keep in mind this list is a small list, there are many more products. So I believe we are stuck with crude oil.

    I want to ask the boy-cotters a question. Who will pay – if BP Oil goes bankrupt – for the clean-up, and the livelihood of these people affected by this disaster?

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