Kool Rig APU System


All Around Contracting LLC and Cool Green Energy are expanding, with Kool Rig!

There is an opportunity in Eugene, Oregon to expand and further operate a successful manufacturing and distribution company. Jamie M. Harvey recognizes this opportunity and has decided to go forward with the expansion of a company named All Around Contracting LLC. The company will further penetrate the market in the manufacture and installation of Hybrid Solar/Wind Powered air conditioning and heating systems for the transportation industry. She also recognizes the opportunities for providing an air conditioning and heating system that eliminates the need for diesel fired APU’s currently used in the transportation industry.
Diesel exhaust is one of the most dangerous forms of air pollution! All Around Contracting LLC has developed the Kool Rig APU system to eliminate diesel fired APU’s currently used in the trucking industry, and have them on the road currently for testing. The need for clean renewable energy through anti idling reduction technology and mandates by the EPA are a major issue for all diesel powered equipment and transportation. The Kool Rig APU System was designed to address heightened environmental concerns and the new anti idling laws to reduce diesel pollution. This is based on the extraordinary level of harm diesel exhaust causes the environment, and people who breathe it. The EPA national air toxics data shows that up to 80% of the total cancer risk Americans face from air pollution can be attributed to diesel exhaust. “We have developed the Kool Rig APU system so we can use renewable energy power sources — solar and wind — to generate the power we need in order to eliminate the use of fossil fuels and damage to the environment” Joel added.

The Kool Rig APU system is not only the most efficient unit available, it is the only system that both heats and cools while addressing health issues of mold, pollen, and odor in the cab through its advanced air filtration system. If you would like to know more, please visit us at www.koolrig.com .


Contact:  Joel

1-877-2- Kool-Rig (256-6574)



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