LaHood: ‘I am Thrilled that Tens of Thousands of UNION Workers can go back to Work


Over the past few days United States Secretary of Transportation was worried sick because Senate went home without deciding on another FAA Extension. U.S. Secretary of DOT Ray LaHood wrote in his blog: “I’m thrilled this morning that the Senate has approved a FAA bill.  It is a tremendous victory for American workers everywhere.”

The biggest problems I have with this is – most of these, if not all of these “Tens of Thousands” of American workers are UNION workers. This doesn’t do a thing for the economy or jobless rates that have had tremendously bad numbers for a long time now.

LaHood likes to boast about all these jobs that he and the Obama administration create. The sad thing is that their numbers don’t match the unemployment figures – so they make things up to throw off the people. “This was really no time to stop work on so many critical airport improvement projects – right in the middle of the construction season. But now, these good workers can get back on the job Monday doing the work they want to do, earning a good wage, and taking care of their families. And I am very, very happy for them.” 

Hey LaHood! What about the 14 million people without a job? I would say they probably are not rejoicing like you because you put a bunch of union thugs back to work. LaHood went on to write: “I want to thank President Obama for his attention to this situation.  Even during the days of intense debt and deficit discussions, he insisted to me, “Take care of our employees. Take care of the construction workers. Figure this out.  Get it done.”

In other words Obama really said: “Ray, make sure my votes are taken care of – or you’ll be out of a job. If I go you will go with me.”

Ray wrote: “Obama really put his finger on it when he said, “We can’t afford to let politics in Washington hamper our recovery.” Really? My, my, how easy you forget – remember the “Summer of Recovery?”

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