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    Local DOT Plays Favorites and Waste Tax Payer Dollars

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    Lewis County Kentucky – I have lived here for most of my 39 years on this earth. It is a great place to live, nothing really ever happens in this community, but you can bet when something does happen word spreads quickly.

    A few weeks ago maybe months ago I received an email from the KY DOT district 9 office about political signs being placed on state owned property. To make a long story short, the email stated that “any” candidates sign that were placed on state owned property would be removed by state workers. And the signs would be taken to the state highway garage for storage and that if the said candidate didn’t pick up their sign then the state workers would destroy them.

    Robin L. Webb (Dem) former state representative for my district in Kentucky and is a democratic senator in Kentucky. Seems like she was in the position of state representative for years. According to most anyone in this county – she was the “go to” person to get a job with the state and of course you had to be registered democrat. I have never personally talked to her – she may be a good person – but I have tried to email her before to only have her delete my email without reading before.

    Seems the local state DOT might be playing favorites here as far as her political signs go. I know of at least two or three of her signs that look like they are on state property – but nobody else has a sign around hers. She is definitely not someone we need in senate as she votes strictly democratic when she votes.

    In 2009 she had the second worse voting record by missing a total of 276 votes, resulting in an absence of one out of every seven votes cast in the House. I have a feeling that some favoritism is going on – with these political signs – when it concerns one of their own.

    In Lewis County Kentucky there is a standing joke that goes on about the local state workers. It has something to do with whenever a new employee of the state is hired they have to be taught how to hold up a shovel, or lean on a shovel – something to that affect. Actually if a person is “lucky” enough to get a job at the state highway garage – then it is a good job – I have a few friends who actually work on the state.

    I know this probably goes on elsewhere as well, but the state DOT is the only place I have ever seen send 10 people out to fix one pothole. One to do all the work while nine stand around “holding up shovels.”

    Myself and a good friend of mine have been talking recently about some things that are “unnecessary” in this county. Things like how they waste money and different things of that nature. A few days ago I had to go to the local pharmacy to get some medicine, and it is located on the AA highway about a half mile from the junction of RT 57 and the AA.

    As we were turning in to the lot off the AA highway we saw two state workers standing on the side of the road “holding up shovels” and a third state worker was in a tandem axle dump truck. It appeared that someone had been hauling some trim or molding that was wood and some pieces of drywall. I guess it had blown out of the vehicle and the state workers were going to clean it up.

    As we turned into the lot I noticed the states John Deere 544K front end loader traveling towards the workers on the shoulder of the road.

    The one pictured is similar to the states it is the same size loader.

    We went into the pharmacy and got my medicine it took maybe five minutes, and as we were leaving we noticed that the workers had been joined by three more workers plus the big loader. These workers had picked up the small amount of debris and put it into the loader bucket – the loader in-turn dumped the small amount (not even close to a bucket full – you could not see the debris in the bucket) into the tandem dump truck.

    Then proceeded to drive the loader back towards Vanceburg. It is 16.8 miles according to Google maps from Tollesboro, KY to Vanceburg, KY by way of the AA highway. That is 33.6 miles round trip, I figured they might have hauled this big loader out there – because of the tandem axle dump truck being at the scene. But to my astonishment they had driven this big loader out to the “clean-up” area and back to the garage.

    Then to even make things worse as we went to Vanceburg to run some more errands we passed right by the garage, and there sat a single axle dump truck with a backhoe on a trailer already hooked up – but parked. But they had to drive that big off road loader 34 miles to pick up a couple of handfuls of debris and put it into a big dump truck – seems like a big waste of my tax dollars.

    I will end this by saying I hope people remember – come November 2, 2010 – what has happened in recent times locally and statewide.

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