Obama Administration get your Priorities Right


When will this country’s leaders get their priorities right? This is not a game, and you are not allowed to make the rules up as we go along.

I watched the so-called leader of this country address the nation last night – and I forever lost that 15 or 20 minutes of my life I will never get back by listening to the joke he read in his address to the nation.

If you have been a follower of this site for a while, then you already know I’m not a big fan of this administration. Why in the world do they think that spending money on something “new” will fix the “old” problems? As seen in Obamas so-called address last night he was demanding things he can’t back up. Obama said: “we will do whatsoever is necessary to help the Gulf Coast and its people recover from this tragedy.” Are you meaning the government because you damn sure have not done anything yet. It took 58 days for this administration to even meet with the head people of BP – and Obama is said to only meet with them for 20 minutes? What will that accomplish? Fix the damn leak!

Obama is turning this oil-spill “accident” into a “catastrophe” by not accepting the help of other countries that have the experience with oil-spills. This is a ploy of this administration to “sell” the new energy bill, which calls for the end of oil. It’s kind of ironic that this govt wants “alternative energy” which we would have to spend money to build processing plants, distribution plants, drill for natural gas, etc., when we already have all these things in place for oil – and everything is already setup to run with oil. Don’t try and sell me a new energy bill, and not talk to me about how you are taking control and fixing the problem in the gulf.

But libs and democrats say we need to get away from our dependency of “foreign oil” I couldn’t agree more, so let’s drill more here in the US. But the libs and democrats say if we drill more, then more catastrophe’s would happen. No, I disagree with you there, if the oil rigs were not drilling in 5,000 feet of water, this wouldn’t be a catastrophe.

A lot of you will undoubtedly not like me after this-post, but it is my right to question our representatives and it’s their duty to answer them! It’s not me being racist, or violent it’s just that I am no longer going to be silent! I am an AMERICAN, it’s my right.

As you all that follow this site also know, I don’t see eye to eye with this administration’s choice for transportation secretary on many of his dim-witted ideas. This administration has “big” dreams that in this economy in reality we can’t afford. The only thing it seems the transportation secretary is focused on is distracted driving and bicycles. It’s evident when we constantly see him talk about how all these “no texting” laws will save lives. And his ludicrous idea of a bicycle infrastructure click to read more – in which we tax payers whether or not we ride bicycles will have to pay for. The deteriorating highway infrastructures are REAL problems not bicycle paths or texting and driving.

All these are just feel good legislation’s because they are almost if not impossible to enforce. Plus, he implemented this decree on professional drivers first, and still has not produced any such proof that driving a bus or truck professionally and texting causes more accidents. But has a fine and punishment in place that makes it seem to be a problem – with no proof.

This transportation secretary repeatedly has told he and the D.O.T. are all about safety in trucking and transportation. But as far as I can tell that is only in regard to distracted driving – which is yet to be proved. What has the secretary and the D.O.T. done for the real problems such as the lack of safe parking for trucks?

It’s like I have said before this administration only knows how to waste money on “new” ideas instead of fixing the “old” problems we have now. Let’s come together and take this country back!

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One Response to Obama Administration get your Priorities Right

  1. Ed Weiss says:

    I was searching on the internet and stumbled accross your website. I have been a truck driver for the past ten years and I want to say I think more people should be like you ! I love your article on “get your priorities right” more people need to know the truth about this president. Not to many people are brave enough to tell the truth because they are afraid what other people will say. Well it’s about time we all did our part and take our country back before this president does anymore damage. It makes me sick that Obama is using this oil spill to his advantage so he can push his cap n tax on us. The longer the oil keeps pouring out the bigger the smile on Obamas face. KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK AND GOD BLESS YOU ! I will keep reading your paper
    Ed Weiss, Mo


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