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    Officials mum on overweight truck violations

    January 13, 2008 by Truckdrivernews · Leave a Comment 

    Here we have another news paper reporter who just types what he knows his viewers want to read! He states that a 1/3 of the trucks operating in and around Florida all operating illegally. He states that they are carrying more weight than they are allowed legally. BUT then also states that the office that takes care of weighing trucks is grossly understaffed. OK so how would HE know that a 1/3 of the trucks operating in and around Florida all operating over weight! This article really gets to me, when they say we did a 2 day study showing that 1/3 of these trucks running up and down the hiway are operating illegally. WOW a whole 2 day study? Then they want to know why the department heads will not talk to them about it.

    Well here is the article it speaks for itself you decide..

    STAR-BANNER OCALA – A third of big rig trucks on Florida’s highways are operating illegally overweight. But despite that, Florida lawmakers behave like the three monkeys of a Japanese myth: They see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil.

    In fact, many of them, including several who represent Marion County residents, won’t speak at all about the issue.

    After the Star-Banner published a two-day report last October detailing how many trucking companies routinely violate state and federal laws restricting how much weight their trucks may carry, the newspaper sought responses from lawmakers, including the chairmen of the House and Senate committees that oversee transportation issues.

    The newspaper asked the legislators if they intended to do anything about the problem. The short answer – at least from those who responded – is not much.

    The rest of the lies written here

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