Oklahoma Senator says “Slow them Trucks down”


After a wreck in June, 2009 that killed ten people on the Will Rogers turnpike in Oklahoma, Senator Earl Garrison wants to make the trucks go slower.

The Will Rogers Turnpike is 88 miles long, running form Tulsa to the Missouri State line.

At 75 miles per hour, trucks can make the trip in about one hour and fifteen minutes, give or take a few minutes.

It cost drivers depending on what you drive:

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5 Responses to Oklahoma Senator says “Slow them Trucks down”

  1. Gloria says:

    If I am not mistaken , and I admit I may be , it was inattention to driving that caused that accident . I guess you could call it distracted driving .
    A few years back a woman , or should I say a talk show host , by the name of Lynn Cullen stated on her show that she believes trucks should be limited to the right lane on any 4 lane highway . I was still new in trucking but even I could see that what she was proposing would cause more accidents , not less . I think split speed limits would fall into the same category of unsafe things to do to trucking .

    • Thanks Gloria for the comment. Not for sure on the cause of the accident..but SPEED definitely was not the factor in it..as the tractor trailer ran into a bunch of STOPPED cars so it would not have mattered if he was doing 65 or 55..still would have been lives lost..

      I think the lack of “common sense” is a requirement to be in the Senate. As this obviously was NOT thought out before it was brought up as an idea.

  2. Marie says:

    The cars were stopped due to an earlier accident. The accident happened at the bottom of a hill and he never touched his brakes. They are still unsure of what casued him to not stop and hit those cars. The last I heard was that he was charged with the deaths that occured in the accident. It was a tragety but I don’t think that a different speed limit would be necessary. My husband drives a company vehicle that is limited to 65mph and it has almost gotten him in a bad situation with other drivers. With personal trucks there are no limits and a company cant put one on there. If there is a problem with the speed limit the whole thing should change not just for trucks.

  3. Ramblin' Man says:

    Typical knee-jerk, libtard reaction from a clueless do gooder. Who in the hell votes for losers like that?


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