One person killed in tractor trailer accident on I-81


One person is dead after a tractor trailer accident this morning on Interstate 81 in Botetourt County.

State Police say two tractor trailers collided around 1:45 a.m.

The south right lane of traffic and the entrance ramp are still closed at mile marker 156. That’s the second Troutville exit.

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2 Responses to One person killed in tractor trailer accident on I-81

  1. ARealRedneck says:

    My condolences to the Owens family.

  2. Walter McNabb says:

    Va Parking and a Driver’s death.
    Another driver passed away today in a wreck just south of a rest area that is scheduled to be shut down by the Commonwealth of Va.

    As I passed by the wreck this morning I noticed that it wasn’t too far south of the rest area around the 160 mile marker on I-81 S. The wreck itself was at the 156 mile marker between the exit and entrance ramps for that access point. Now, I would be very interested in hearing what the crash investigators have to say about how this happened. The wreck seems to have involved one rig running into the back of another. The driver of the 2nd rig died.

    While I don’t have training in crash scene investigation, I do have almost 20 years driving tractor/trailers on the Interstate system. I have seen many wrecks of this type and talked with drivers who were involved in these kind of incidents. I will hazard a guess and suggest that the first truck was parked on the shoulder of the exit ramp. The 2nd rig may have been traveling at highway speeds on the Interstate. Rig 1 pulls off the shoulder and into Rig 2′s path. This is pure conjecture on my part and we should await the Investigator’s report.

    But, I’d like to point out that while traveling south on I-81 this morning I noticed that all of the truck stops and rest areas I could see were full. I mean full! Trucks were parked everywhere and every which way. How the State of Va could even suggest that there is adequate parking is beyond my imagination.

    To the Government of the Commonwealth of Virgina:

    Please, do not put your citizens and travelers through this fair land in jeopardy. Don’t shut down the rest areas….build more. There is not enough parking.

    If you’ve got it a truck brought it.


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