Online Battle Brewing Between Big Trucking and Truckers


Yes, you read it right. In case you have not noticed there is a battle growing between some online truckers and big trucking.

Who will win? I don’t have any determinations at this time but I do feel it is being handled wrongly by many involved.

I have shied away from posting anything about this for a while now but enough is enough.

I keep hearing over and over that we should not fight amongst ourselves and that the public won’t take us seriously if we continue. So the public is going to take us seriously by us calling big trucking out? In my opinion this looks worse than the bickering back and forth that goes on daily amongst ourselves.

Trying to humiliate big organizations, publicly, is not the way to get the problems solved. I keep hearing everyone say “well we need to educate the public on trucking”. Well that’s all good and dandy but the public is smart enough to pick up on the name calling. Trying to call the big organizations out into a public “brawl” is not the way to do it.

What is the difference between drivers arguing among themselves like we commonly do and drivers trying to belittle the big organizations? You don’t think the big organizations are watching this? You are sadly mistaken. They are watching, and listening in and taking notes. In my opinion this is not the way things should be handled.

Starting another organization is not going to help matters either. Working to better organizations that are already established, that already have many voices within and know exactly where to throw their weight around, is the best battle plan I see.

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3 Responses to Online Battle Brewing Between Big Trucking and Truckers

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  2. Trucker Steve says:

    Why would you write a article that is so vague that your audience don’t understand what your talking about.? I would like to know exactly what your talking about because this article makes no sense at all to a reader like me!

    • Jason Cox says:

      Thanks for the comment Trucker Steve.

      Some drivers and others are trying to call out the ATA in open forums like Twitter and FaceBook. Some are calling OOIDA out on all sorts of strange things. Calling large trucking company’s out into the open. The general public sees this and I think most of them know what is going on.

      My purpose here is not to get petty and name any names. It’s to just speak my mind about what I think won’t work. I just don’t think this is a good way to get things done for truckers, that’s all.


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