Open the Border up to Mexican Trucks – Might be a Good Idea


Opening the border up to Mexican trucks allowing them to haul throughout the U.S. might be a good idea.

Realistically no, but hypothetically yes.

I say this because of the implementation of CSA2010, which realistically is a stronger way to govern trucks – all trucks.

But realistically, will the U.S. DOT even inspect Mexican trucks? Probably not, when the U.S. is allowing for Mexico to impose illegal tariffs on imports and exports on the U.S.

Mexico has already warned that if the “New Cross Border Program” is not to their liking then, they (Mexico) will increase the illegal tariffs.

Will CSA2010 effect Mexican trucks as well? Probably not, as the big wigs in DC are afraid to make anyone other than U.S. citizens mad. I heard the other day they (DC – Desk Jockeys) were thinking of painting the White House – Pink.

Hypothetically CSA2010 would get rid of the Mexican truckers, realistically they probably will get special attention when it comes to inspections – even if – they get inspected. Crazier things have happened. Some people in the U.S. elected a person – who has no right to be president – president. Then, these same people backed this new health care decree that was unconstitutional in the first place. Why not add to it by allowing unsafe Mexican trucks to run up and down the highway too.

But wait, this may be a ploy to get rid of a few hundred thousand people and cut down on the population. Since the new “health care” allows the government to decide whether you live or die. What do you think your survival chances are? Some of you are probably laughing your asses off by now after reading this – post, and some of you probably think I have lost all my marbles now. But some of you all need to start thinking outside the box.

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